Hair fall after birth – what to do?

Hair fall after birth - what to do?Few of the young mothers come across an annoying problem – the deterioration of hair after childbirth.

After a few months after the arrival of the hospital, a woman notices that her hair lost its appeal: hair became brittle and thinned considerably . Experiences and frustration about it much spoil the joy of motherhood . Because you want to be beautiful , to radiate joy and light for their child , and when the tufts of hair left on the comb , on the pillow and fall on the floor, belief in his own irresistibility somehow fades .

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Pumpkin protect against cancer

Pumpkin protect against cancerEmployees of the University of Colorado found that pumpkin is able to influence the cancer cells in the pancreas .  Since cancer cells are not themselves able to generate energy , they require sugar.

Studies have shown that the substances contained in bitter gourd , do not provide the cancer cells of the pancreas to convert sugar. Experiment with laboratory animals showed a decrease in the ability of cancer cells to grow by 60 % against the use of pumpkin.


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Folk wisdom against dandruff

Folk wisdom against dandruffFor the emergence of such troubles like dandruff for several reasons. It can be triggered by improper care for the scalp , excessive passion for Styling , adverse external factors , allergies , vitamin deficiency , fatigue , stress, hormonal disruptions and infectious diseases . Reason directly affects the course of treatment , duration and complexity .

Faced with the need to combat dandruff is that among other things it is not just as an example performed on speed test net check internet speed , if you use the promising tools , which are often referred to in the advertisement. However, easily and inexpensively you can get rid of this problem if you use folk remedies .

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Why am I not losing weight? 10 reasons.

Why am I not losing weight? Many women do not realize that in order to transform your figure , you need to work hard . Under labor here means uniform application of cardio high and medium intensity and strength training with weights , and, of course , proper nutrition , but this is a topic for another article. Offer you 10 reasons why many women can not lose weight.

1. training

To lose weight, you need to exercise at least 5-6 times a week with an intensity of 60-70 % of maximum heart rate for 30-45 minutes . Start with small loads and if feel good , and you do not have any restrictions , gradually build up the rhythm training. This is the best way to burn as many calories. Choose interval training to burn calories even after the training session.

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