10 tips to put eyeliner

The eyeliner is simple: Either you master and that is happiness or not you’ve mastered and there is the drama! I even talking about the delay, the stress caused and all the rest, it’s almost a lesser evil when you consider the energy expended to tame this famous line

I usually do on this blog of bad publicity in this eyeliner specifically crap … it’s done

And if not here are 10 tips and advice to put eyeliner is no longer an ordeal:

1 – Choose the eyeliner with whom you feel most comfortable! He will be have to make several tries, arm yourself with patience to find the right!

10 tips to put eyeliner

2 – First choose a stable place to sit, especially if you have the shakes should be able to ask your elbow if necessary.

3 – Do not sleep at all, or take a bewildered! Indeed it may completely change your line … Keep a relatively neutral term.

4 – Do not draw your line at once, make small lines instead! Less likely to go wrong you know that more will be thick line over your makeup will look sophisticated. To stay nature, do not be too heavy hand!

5 – I usually trace my point outside first, then I draw small lines to the inside of the eye.

6 – The comma (or tail) must be facing up! Down your eye will be all tristoune (like a cocker )

7 – The tip of the brush or eyeliner must be impeccable. Remember to remove excess product, hair or dust beyond …

8 – Provide enough to wipe the smudges (EQ, Q-tip …) must be responsive

9 – Practice again and again and even empty! Obviously you’re not going to try your first line just before 6:53 to take the bus! The more you practice, you will be more quickly and efficiently!

10 – You can hide your eyeliner with a botched eye shadow … I says that but it’s up to you!


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