5 best eyebrow beauty products

The role of eyebrows in the history of female beauty has never been downplayed, but only now this part of the face is so important. In place of the general fashion for broad, dark eyebrows, a new trend has come that, apparently, will last for long at the beauty horizon: the most relevant were recognized regal, with a small fracture, natural shade and average width of the arc, which not only look natural, but also emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes. The beauty industry, of course, could not fail to react to this trend, and specialized products soon appeared on the international market, the most interesting of which Womie will tell you today.

Beauty eyebrows: shadows

For a long time, this product was out of sight of many girls because of the dual attitude towards it: it seemed that the eyebrow shadows are no different from the classical version for the eyes and you just need to find your shade. The revolution in the minds was made by Anastasia Soare – a woman who made her name synonymous with quality products for eyebrow beauty. It showed the main difference between two seemingly very similar products: the first have a more oily, dense texture, due to which it is better to stick to the hairs and do not leave dust on the application, providing a more accurate make-up.

Beauty eyebrows: pencil

The most versatile assistant in the matter of giving beauty to the eyebrows: with it you can either shade the missing hairs, and give shape. A little secret: for the most natural effect, it is not necessary to hold a continuous line, but to do light and short, but frequent strokes.

Beauty eyebrows: wax

For owners of unruly eyebrows – a real mast-hev: wax, if it, of course, quality, firmly fixes the hairs and does not leave a glossy finish. An excellent option is for the same Anastasia Beverl Hills: here it is enclosed in a thick pencil lead, which allows you to give the eyebrows the right shape to the tip.

Beauty eyebrows: gel

The product, almost identical to wax, but giving the eyebrows a “wet effect,” which looks great in the summer.

Beauty eyebrows: lipstick

It happens not only for the lips, and this fact does not give rest to make-up artists around the world: with the help of a dense texture and high pigmentation of this product, you can create eyebrows literally from scratch. Similar properties have a felt-tip pen – but with it eyebrows will be only more “whole.”



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