5 ways to extend the hair clean

Any, even the most luxurious styling may look unpresentable, if the hair had lost its freshness. How to wash your hair less often and look at this perfectly – let’s see.

1- When choosing a shampoo focuses not on the hair type and the type of scalp. To extend the cleanliness of locks, you should choose the means for bold type.

2- Balm apply only to the hair ends, otherwise the roots will become more bold, and the hair will quickly lose volume.

3- Regularly clean the scalp with special scrubs – so you get rid of dead cells and residues of styling tools.

4- Try to minimize the use of styling. They are heavier hair and deprive them of their natural shine. Choosing styling products, make sure they do not contain silicones that tend to accumulate on the scalp and hair condition to worsen.

5- If the locks have lost their freshness by the end of the day, you can use a dry shampoo or a special powder for hair. In the first case you get rid of fat on the hair roots, in the second – will attach the required volume of the hairstyle.



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