Wheat hair color

Wheat hair colorThis season is at its peak wheat-colored hair, which has a variety of shades. Depending on your eye color, makeup and clothing should be selected and wheat shade of hair color. After all, to create a stylish image important harmony of colors in the color of eyes, hair, makeup and the clothes you wear.

Wheat hair color usually referred to spring tsvetotipu, which makes the image of the feminine, bright and cheerful. This includes brown-haired blonde and a natural blonde. If you want to dye your hair in a wheat color, choose shades should be designed to match your skin color.

For light skin ideal light wheat shades. For dark tanned skin is best to choose a shade of honey and caramel. This season’s fashion colors are shades of golden wheat-wheat, light wheat, honey and wheat blond color with shimmer. Whatever shade of wheat-colored hair you choose, it will look natural and youthful, because today in fashion all things natural.

Hair dye color in wheat, of course, if you want a natural wheat color at home is not recommended for girls with dark hair. Beautiful color, you still will not get and just wasting time and spoil your mood. Dark-haired beauties who want to get a beautiful wheaten color should entrust this procedure experienced technician to help you create a vivid image of the spring, feminine and sensual.

If you have naturally blonde hair, you get a generous wheat color, you can use further clarification. This will help you glycerine hair mask or the mask of daisies. The second option is more expensive mazhimezh or highlighting blonde hair. When highlighting uses soft light hair dye with wax, of which is not included ammonia. Very nice shade of wheat may happen to those girls who have blond or light color hair.


Hair, painted in the color of wheat, you should take care to not become a noble wheat eventually grayish or yellowish. This applies in particular to the color of dyed hair blond. Regularly use hair coloring shampoos to maintain the freshness of wheat-colored.


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