9 Tips Against Hair Loss

It is essential to provide minimum care to our scalp to prevent hair loss or dandruff. Here are 9 tips to help you to easily take care of your hair and your scalp.

1 – Healthy Eating
Eat healthy and balanced allows hair to receive from the inside all the nutrients they need to thrive. That’s good advice against hair loss.

2 – Avoid Stress
Stress can affect the proper functioning of our body. On the scalp, it can disrupt its growth, affect the quality and promote hair loss or dandruff.


3 – Use a mild shampoo
Using a mild shampoo and a conditioner will help untangle the hair without assaulting them during brushing, a practice that could promote their fall.

4 – Do not attack the hair
We must limit the use of hairdryers or permanent. Indeed, the heat affects the quality of their hair and shine, making them more fragile and dull.

5 – Make cures of nutrients
Cures vitamins are essential if food is not correct. In this case, advocates taking vitamin iron, zinc, etc..

6 – Protect your hair against external aggressions 
Factors that attack the hair is more pollution, humidity, and especially the sun. Especially since it is impossible to completely escape. Taking vitamin B will help counter the adverse effects of a long exposure of hair to the sun. There is also the color untimely. In fact, the stains are toxic and corrosive. Their frequent use will damage your hair permanently.

7 – Taking care of the hair externally
Some recipes grandmother can help you take care of your hair. For example, a few tablespoons of vinegar added to the final rinse water will prevent the immediate appearance of dandruff. Moreover, this would make hair shinier. But the practice easiest to take care of the scalp is massaged to gently and evenly.

8 – Use homemade potions
To fight against hair loss, one can use the decoction of nettle root. Wash the roots and boil 2-3 minutes. Once cooled, the liquid used as the final rinse water.

9 – Take special care
To prevent hair loss, there are anti fall bulbs, which are incredibly efficient. The best cure would be to maintenance once or twice a year.



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