Anti-wrinkle bra

Dutch designers have presented a new invention : they created a bra that not only hides , but also able to prevent the appearance of wrinkles in the neck . According to many designers, this is without a doubt a unique item of women’s wardrobe can be a huge hit.

New product designed to in the neck did not appear wrinkles that often formed at night during sleep. Such wrinkles begin to be particularly noticeable in women over thirty-five years.

Therefore, to avoid such wrinkles designers decided to create a special bra .

Copyright novelty – Rachel de Boer. It should be noted that she did not immediately publicize its useful invention . First, by creating this unusual bra, she ” tried out ” on his acquaintances , selling novelty costs forty-five dollars .

Chest savers: the anti-wrinkle bra

The bodice is made of hypoallergenic bra synthetics with a certain percentage of lycra . Length of the straps can be adjusted bra fastens at the back. Issued two new colors: black and white.



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