Benefits and harms of antidepressants

Unfortunately, in the early 21st century depression is firmly established among mental disorders. Moreover, the leading psychiatrists pay attention to the fact that depression is not just a disorder and serious illness threatens to take first place in the world in terms of prevalence.

In view of the spread of threatening depression, no less urgent becomes the problem of the use of antidepressants. Especially harmful not control the use of these medications when the patient is engaged in self-treatment, and the doctor’s orders not executed.

Antidepressants are useful or harmful?

Consider their positive and negative sides.

Use of antidepressants is that they:

  • Smooth and reduce the symptoms of depression;
  • Relieve a person from oppressive feelings, such as sadness, hopelessness, fear, apathy;
  • Improve mood;
  • Facilitate human contact, suffering from depression, with the psychologist;
  • After smoothing the symptoms of depression a person is much easier to find a way out of difficult situations, thereby accelerating recovery.

However antidepressants can alter radically the problem since it does not affect the reasons only facilitate unpleasant symptoms. More important to know that the effect of antidepressants does not appear immediately, but after a week or two. All this time, you must continue treatment as an important task of antidepressant treatment is to achieve a stable therapeutic effect.

In addition, many people are afraid to go to the doctor in the case of depression, considering it established in society a negative stereotype about psychiatrists. This further complicates the treatment of the disease, as many patients are reluctant to take medications.

The negative effects of antidepressants include:

  • they are potent drugs that cause many side effects – dizziness, nausea, so their intake should be carried out strictly under medical supervision;
  • Some medications can be habit-forming;
  • if voluntarily discontinue treatment, the depression may return;
  • they are not self-contained drug, and after taking the necessary further treatment by a psychologist to influence the cause of the disease.

In all cases, depression can not make their own preparations, but should seek medical advice.


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