Blondes and brunettes

Scientists believe that the natural color of hair, eyes and skin has an impact on our lives. How did this happen? It turns out that the pigment contained in the hair, iris of the eye and skin, absorbing some rays of the color spectrum, reflect a different part of it. Each of us is having a certain color characteristics, different feels and perceives the environment.

Thus, it is believed that people with black (dark) hair have stronger sex drive than blondes in mind that brunettes absorb more natural energy than people with blonde hair. Not by chance among men rooted opinion that the best female partners are blonde. Since ancient times, the subconscious associates the hair color purity, gentleness and humility. Meanwhile, the fair-haired lady, reflecting the stronger the color rays than brunettes, can be cold, not overly emotional and judgmental.


People with dark skin and eyes see the world a little differently than the fair-skinned and blue-eyed. Europeans because of the small reflectivity, perceive our world more specifically, without illusions and nuances. Therefore, they find it difficult to meditate and dream. Perhaps this is the reason that different cultures view the world differently.


So, people prefer the eastern nationality bright colors in clothing, the Europeans, as a rule, prefer pastel shades or white colors as well as gray and black. Restrained Europeans rarely buy clothes, temperamental than Asians. Recent obviously will not pass by ad: small wholesale women’s clothing , and try to buy clothes at a good price, not only for themselves but also for their friends and relatives.

Stress and anxiety can cause discoloration of the iris, dull hair and skin color. Perhaps this is another reason that people subconsciously do not want to see and perceive the world in all colors …



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