Cleansing dry skin

Cleansing dry skin  – is carried out using cosmetic cream, cleansing milk, liquid, cream and butter.

Dry skin of the face  – a very thin, is similar to a parchment, lightly can peel off, the pores are not visible.

Care of this skin type is different from the treatment for oily / combination, normal skin type.

This type of skin can be sensitive, prone to allergic reactions and premature aging because of the lack of fat and water.

Anyone care begins with cleansing / washing the skin daily. Pick up the cleanser on age and skin type.

Cleansing dry skin

Offer you innovative cleaning tools that you can prepare yourself.

1. Cleansing with oil

  • Gently heat the oil and pour in a tablespoon of warm. Moisten a cotton ball and quickly clean your face and neck. Repeated purification layer of oil leave for a few minutes, remove the excess with a dry cloth. Clean the skin with slightly acidified water. After such a cleansing cream nourishing not apply. Similarly, you can do the cleansing and with butter, if there is no rashes and irritations.

2. Culling of dairy products

  • Soak a cotton ball with milk, clear skin. Then the milk diluted with warm water. If the skin is inflamed or flaky, then add broth instead of water, linden, chamomile, raspberry leaf. Abundantly rinse face and neck. After this procedure, put the cream, drizzle movements (like rain) fingertips (exception: the presence of sores and pustules). Soothing to the skin.
  • Mix equal parts of: sour cream, butter (creamy podsoln..), Protein. In several steps to clean your face. The last layer of leave for 3-5 minutes. Remove the excess damp cotton pad. The cream is applied.
  • You can use ready-made mayonnaise, where all the necessary nutrients for the skin. Not recommended for delicate, sensitive skin prone to redness.

When excess hair growth on the face.

  • For very delicate, sensitive, dry skin, suitable for evening cleansing liquid semolina boiled in milk or water. And not salty broth, broth flaxseed (1 tablespoon of flax seed cover with cold water, bring to a boil, drain).

Herbs for dry skin: chamomile, raspberry, wheat, red rose petals, poppy petals, jasmine, peony, elderberry flowers, yellow cherries.

Juices, sweet grapes, watermelon, pear, peach, orange, birch sap.

Cleansing dry skin in the morning and spend the evening of 2 times a day. But if you feel dryness, tightness, burning, limit ochescheniem 1 time a day.

Cleansing tips for dry skin video


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