Dark hair coloring

Dark hair coloring

Coloring now gaining popularity. And the blonde, brown-haired, and can paint my hair this way. But today let’s talk about the coloring of Brunette and dark hair. This method opens an immense field for the experiment for both color and image as a whole. A professional can help you make a reality of even the wildest fantasies. Remember, the coloring, as well as any other kind of painting, it is necessary to update the growth of hair, that is, every two to three months. This method is good for short hair, and on long, he just gives a stunning effect.

A professional can help you make a reality of even the wildest fantasies. But at home you can carry out this procedure. You need to thoroughly examine the theory of color and acquire a special paint for coloring hair. But the paint for the professional use is not worth buying, because mistakes in dealing with coloring pigments and coloring can permanently damage your hair.

When all the hair weave, or individual strands lightened up to one tone. Coloring (which is also called color highlighting) – is staining strands in different colors.

So open up tremendous opportunities to emphasize the lines cut. Through the illusion of color, pomp hairstyle. The most common hairstyle will be much more effective after the coloring. Only scratched the hair on the other, you get a different hair color. Therefore it is especially effective on long hair coloring, which allows you to create a large area of the whole picture.

Dark hair coloring

Coloring is not alien to fashion trends. Now it is possible coloring of thin strands. On the long hair made patterns with stencils. A special kick-staining of the hair in a contrasting or bright colors. But this style is used mainly in hairstyles for long hair without bangs.

Coloring the hair runs as well as side to side. In the longitudinal staining paint is applied along the length of hair. In the same cross each strand of the eye is divided into parts and paint applied with a gradual transition from light to dark tones. This coloring is smoother, because looks more natural. Cross coloration difficult to implement, but the longer the hair is preserved. Particularly impressive is the cross coloration in a cascade haircuts, hair color changes when from stage to stage.

Coloring is suitable for all women, regardless of age. Differ only in color brightness. The young often choose flamboyant, flashy colors, even neon coating. Older women prefer a calm, neutral tones of one color. At its simplest, you can simply brighten strands or give a different tone. But even a haircut, dyed in a calm color will look different – more stylish and fashionable.

Coloring is different dyes. The choice depends on the type and condition hair. But if you can not decide on a radical color change, try to start the paint washed off.
Steps to the coloring

1) get set for coloring. It bears will be gloves. Carefully read the instructions that came with the set. Disabled to prevent poor performance, just follow the prompts.

2) The quality of the coloring can reduce those cosmetics, which you used so far. Therefore, in advance, for a day or two before the procedure, wash your hair cleansing shampoo.

3) Make a test for a possible allergic reaction

4) for self-coloring of refuse complicated schemes. To start, try to paint a few strands of color that is different for two or three colors. Select either a bright or dark paint.

5) Make sure that everything you need at your fingertips. Spend a petroleum jelly or cream strip along the hairline, so as not to stain or irritate the skin. Throw on the shoulders of an old towel to protect clothing from stains. Hands gloves protect.

6) What happens to fully comply with the instructions. Mix the ingredients and start coloring.

7) is separated from the total weight of the hair strand by half a centimeter. Do not just paint a large number of strands. Kolorirovannye hair is separated from the rest of the hair by wrapping strips of foil width of 2-3 cm and a length equal to the length of your strands. Start painting from the back and gradually move towards the top, and then to his forehead. The hair is not involved in the paint, hold the pins, so as not to interfere.

8) each strand, separated from the general mass of hair, put on the foil and cover the paint or clarifier. Add up the foil along the length of two or three times depending on hair length.


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