David Beckham popular hairstyles

Metrosexual number 1, the famous British footballer who changed her hairstyle. Given its status as a style icon, even a slight change in the image of David Beckham is comparable to the revolution in a small country.

Over the past few years, David went through a series of hairstyles, but the present-day, the general view of others – is the best. Beckham, once appeared on the Internet photos of his new hair, laid out by an anonymous user had to comment on the new line of its appearance before reporters, saying: “I love change.”

David was able to cause the eve of his fans, not only conquered his football skill, personal charm as a charismatic British truly unquenchable enthusiasm. The fact that he has once again changed his hairstyle, joining the ranks of owners of famous blonde hair color. The new image appears to be unusual, even while he himself, but the people have had the pleasure of contemplating an updated “golden head” British football after a right on the teammate, jokingly competing with each other, pulled off his hat, David tried to cover up that radical innovation. According to rumors, colleagues, now affectionately known as David’s “Marilyn” and “Blonde.”

David Beckham popular hairstyles

Meanwhile it was reported that the couple Beckham finally got home in the United States. David bought a villa for $ 22 million in the suburbs of Los Angeles – Beverly Hills. The villa covers an area of more than 1 acre. On the territory of the estate is a large outdoor pool and a garage for three cars. A new family residence is located close to Beckham on behalf of their friends – Hollywood star Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes. Obviously, close friends Cathy and Victoria will now be able to create their own collection of children’s fashion in the most comfortable environment.



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