Doctors made a list of the most useful drinks in the world

The presence of certain beverages in the diet allows you to rejuvenate and heal the body, experts have found. So, the most useful was recognized tea.
The most effective researchers thought white tea. In second place is the green tea. The lower the fermentation suffered tea, the more useful it is due to the large amount of polyphenols.

Next is the Hibiscus, also known as the drink of the pharaohs. It is on the basis of plants Hibiscus sabdariffa, containing anthocyanins. They give drink red. Hibiscus also has vitamin E, which strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

Coffee was in third place. It blocks the work of a number of signaling pathways, thereby lifting the mood, improving performance during fatigue, attention, improving memory. Also, coffee is useful for the cardiovascular system. In turn, prevents the cocoa platelets to stick together, positively affecting the vascular status.

Tomato juice – the fifth paragraph – improves eyesight. A number of studies have shown that tomato juice helps fight cancer. In sixth place broth hips, rich in vitamin C. It should be taken even if the fractures to accelerate the process of regeneration. At the last place in the list of healthy drinks is the red wine, strengthens the immune system.



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