Exercises for good posture

Good posture exercises

The beauty of any piece depends on the posture. Standard – straight back, straightened his shoulders piripodnyataya head, and head and body are on the same line, chest lifted, and his stomach tightened.

To see how close you are to the ideal, stand in front of a mirror naked and see what see. If you’re upset about his reflection, then proceed to carry out special exercises, described below. At first, the normal posture you may find it very uncomfortable, but be patient – and you need to say goodbye to all the annoying defects of your posture.

Exercises for good posture

Exercise 1. Stand with your back against the wall, slightly loosen the legs and lower arms. Neck, shoulders, heels should touch the wall. And the distance between it and the waist should be the thickness of a finger. After that, pull your stomach, stretch your neck a bit and lift the shoulders – hold as you can. This exercise would be good to do 5-10 times a day. It is important to learn how to hold a body position (posture of rest) for 1 minute without fatigue.

Exercise 2. When walking, keep a posture of rest, and stress-free. Hands need to move rhythmically to the shoulder (but do not have to wave them), and head lift. Gait should be fairly brisk, but not fussy.

Exercise 3. Sitting be straight back should fit snugly to the back of a chair, his shoulders – straight head – raised high. Sitting down, go down easily and smoothly, leaving the weight on the feet, ankles and hips.

Good posture exercises

When sitting, do not cross your legs, try not to help himself with his hands, when you get up and sit down.

Exercise 4. And now about how to properly lie. But first – the mattress. It should be smooth, flat, elastic. Preferably a small cushion and soft, it shall hold the upper part of the spine in an upright position with relaxed muscles.

Good posture – is, first of all, your health. In addition, learning to walk free and springy step, you’ll feel confident in any situation.



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