Hair and antibiotics

Hair and antibiotics: Antibiotics have become part of our lives for many years nazad.Eti drugs help us recover from deadly diseases , but at the same time kill our bodies . At risk are the hair .

After a course of antibiotics often hair starts to fall out . Why ? Because these drugs inhibit the intestinal microflora, which is an integral part of the protection of immunity. If the work of the liver and other internal organs is violated, then it weakens the hair, they begin to fall .

Body simply tired of ” attacks chemistry ” and gets rid of the ballast – hair , which, according to the same organism , have no particular importance and can be eliminated as unnecessary. When microorganisms are killed , it increases the production of toxins. That is, in a sense, antibiotics – a poison that is to be disposed. Since the harmful effects of different kinds of these drugs leveled differently , then to overcome this , need help trihologa .

And do not forget that antibiotics are used in exceptional cases. Do not go on about the advertising and not self-medicate . It is not necessary to treat acute respiratory infections or flu -like lekrtrvami , acne can not be fought with antibiotics , which sometimes offer Estheticians . If you want to have healthy skin and hair, antibiotic therapy should be used only in extreme cases .



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