Haircut “shaggy”

Loved by many Norville Rogers character from the cartoon “Scooby Doo” gave her the nickname “Shaggy” (Shaggy) second life – now that word can be heard in many salons and beauty centers, where you can call a special haircut, tousled and charming.

Our advice – you should choose an asymmetrical haircut, which in any situation you will be guaranteed success and admiring glances. From the side, of course, it may seem that your “rastrepannost” was created by nature, but we, you and I know that to be necessary naturalness oh how hard work. If a certain direction haircut you are able to create with a variety of tools to fix, combs and hair-dryer, then to maximize softness and naturalness can be a combination of different techniques – and needed fixing means, and the use of several special attachments, hair dryer, and may even have to resort to fingers, pulling strands and giving them the attractive “shaggy”!

Haircut "shaggy"



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