Hairstyles and haircuts for overweight women

Many women believe that the important thing to keep up with fashion. And sometimes, without hesitation, they buy colorful dresses or tight dresses, which not only make a shapeless figure, but also highlight its shortcomings.

Of course, fashion dictates the conditions in all areas of life, but to blindly follow it is not necessary. You must choose a style that give the image of appeal, elegance and elegance. As with clothing, fashion each year dictates the conditions, bringing a touch of variety to the hairstyles and haircuts. The external appearance is very important for women. It’s success in building personal relationships. Very often, the appearance and career related. And love is based primarily on external data, and only after a time is known inner peace. Not for nothing they say, is something that meet on clothes. I would like to add – and hairstyle.

Clean, shiny hair, neat haircut or hairstyle original – the key to the success of many of the fair sex as a conquest of men’s hearts , and in business. Therefore it is necessary to know some women’s secrets that will help you choose the right haircut or hairstyle. This is especially true of obese women. Because of the extra weight and they pick up a full-face hairstyle sometimes problematic. It has to be not only fashionable and elegant, but also to help properly adjust the appearance, without drawing attention to the forms.

Can be divided hairstyles for full ladies into several types.

1. Hairstyles for long hair

Most often, the length of the hair to choose to wear young girls and women to 40. But these hairstyles are ideal for large ladies. Long strands visually not only the “pull” the person giving it a more oval shape, but also visually reduce the volume of the figure. But there is a caveat. The hair should be trimmed slightly in the form of a cascade or ladder. They need to be milling or simply to shape curls. Long straight hair – it’s not for you.

Therefore, if you are overweight, but you are the owner a long, luxurious head of hair – just something you need them slightly curled. If you want to bang – make her scythe. This will not only fashionable and stylish but also a wonderful option for a round face.

2. Medium length hair

Such a length is preferable to have women with very large forms. It is important to remember that the length of the hair should always be below the chin. Only in this case, not only the hairstyle will harmonize with large features, but also gives it a special elegance. Curls, cascades, easy-waving here that is perfect for a properly sized image.

3. Short haircuts

Most obese women prefer short haircuts. Please note that almost 90% of women are overweight, you meet on the street, have a haircut. It is important to know, for those who have a double chin , hairstyles are absolutely contraindicated. If there are no problems with the chin, you can find various options for short haircuts. But do not get carried away and too short cut hair. Variants of the “square” – is exactly what will fit any beauty overweight. Remember the fringe. The best option – oblique and slightly elongated.

Hair color is very important. Many women over 40 prefer light colors and make this huge mistake. This color is suitable for young girls . Middle-aged ladies bright colors are very old. Looking at this head is often a thought: “She is gray or dyed?” Just set aside in his piggy bank that advice. Blond hair is not for the weaker sex after 40, and especially not for the full. This may include a red and bright shades. Who wants to surprise a woman coloring? Of course, it will draw attention, but will it be delighted? 100% that it will cause misunderstanding or ridicule.

haircuts for overweight women

haircuts for overweight women

If you have any doubts about choosing a hairstyle or color – you can always refer to specialists. It is not necessary to dream and take risks. Remember – we are born to decorate the world. Do not forget about it.



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