Henna – shiny appearance with bright red hair

Vegetable dyes have a long tradition in human history and are shown in ancient Egypt. Including henna has been used for centuries for the body paint, celebrities like Madonna have made ​​these elaborate decorations and tattoos in the West. But also benefit our hair by henna – and even twice: on the one hand, the hair is full and shiny and the other, it turns into beautiful red hues.

Sources and use of henna ( Lawsonia inermis ) tolerate much heat and is grown in Africa and Asia. From the leaves and stems in the protected shadows of the henna powder is obtained, namely sunlight would destroy the red dye. The flowers are on the other hand as a fragrance in perfumes and oil used. In Hinduism, henna has a long tradition, but also in the Islamic world is the “henna night” an integral cultural component of any wedding. At the “henna-Day”, the day before the wedding, the bride is bathed in the company of other women and then painted with henna in a ceremony, then celebrated together, but also taken-bye eve of a very different kind of birth in – and death rituals, henna is also a factor.

Vegetable hair dye Natural Henna produces different shades of red, from fiery red to mahogany. So-called “black henna” is mixed with indigo. Red henna is mixed with lemon juice, vinegar or chamomile, it also turns blond. effect Unlike chemical hair dyes, which penetrate into the hair, henna hair wraps from the outside. Fine hair gains in volume, thereby automatically. It also stimulates the natural hair color and makes the hair shine. Too often you should apply henna but not because it is also dehydrating effect. The Färbegrad is very dependent on the output of the color and exposure. One hundred percent can not predict the effect, sometimes one and the same shade and brand, different colors on two different occasions.

Henna – shiny appearance with bright red hair

This study goes on to say try it. In general, however: the darker the hair, the longer you let it work in henna. In contrast, light hair test only once gently. application can admit to dye with henna to a very beautiful Patzerei degenerate, but after several attempts you get the hang of it. And also from an initially green porridge once a completely different color later, I promise. Gloves are recommended in any case, if you want to color not equal his nails for a few weeks. First, the henna powder mixed with hot water, so that it can oxidize. Then apply a small bottle with a brush or strand by strand – the best way to accomplish the whole thing for two. Stir every once in between, otherwise clumping the whole thing. Finally the head in aluminum foil. After exposure with a mild shampoo and wash out large amounts of water. A henna treatment can also make it quite easily yourself, you’ll just neutral henna, 1 egg yolk and beer. Henna Products Henna is available in drugstores, health food stores and small oriental shops . Meanwhile, one finds next to henna powder also Tönungscremés. An enhancement of the color effect promises of henna hair balm and special henna shampoo to the tint is retained longer. Quality The quality of henna is unfortunately very different, there are few applied safety standards and therefore always are reports of allergic reactions or contaminated paints heard. Please read carefully to always get the ingredients and pay attention to how much henna is really contained in the product – often it is only a small portion and the henna is replaced by other substances, but “Henna” as sold .



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