How do I know a good hairstyles for beauty gynecologist?

It is not always easy to find the right doctor. How do you feel about your gynecologist? Believe it and do what he says to you? It makes most women and trust their doctor. And it is this trust is in a doctor-patient relationship is really important. Because in many cases, the woman doctor knows more intimate details about his patient than many a good friend.

Not only does he know what you look like naked. Of problems having sex with a desire to have children up to unpleasant diseases of the woman doctor knows you know. In the tragic case of a miscarriage of the woman doctor experienced the joy about the pregnancy until after everything with grief. A good relationship with your gynecologist should be thus given. If you do not yet feel a hundred percent better or for the treatment, handling, and the recommendations of the practice team are not satisfied, you should change the doctor. But to whom?

What makes a good gynecologist?
The reception

The practice is organized so that you can get in urgent cases on the same day for an appointment. The practice team welcomes friendly and takes time for you. It is particularly important that the handling of your runs with respect, so that you feel comfortable. This includes, for example, that a urine sample can be passed from the toilet and you are not forced to run with the cup through the practice.

The woman doctor himself greets you every time you dressed yet, and asks you to first talk in a hall. If even the nurse says that you should free up half naked and waiting for the doctor, this is a bad sign. In a preliminary interview, the doctor asked about your condition, for pain and any questions that you burn to the soul. Only then it goes to the dentist’s chair.

The investigation
You must never take off all the gynecologist. For the examination of the breast, it is sufficient to clear around the top. For the examination of the genital area, you can kept on bra and shirt or sweater. To feel less naked example, you can wear a long T-shirt.

Of course, should be that all instruments are disinfected syringes come out of the box and examined the doctor with disposable gloves. Ideally, the gynecologist explained during the investigation, what he is doing what he sees and feel them. If he does not, he should at least when asked to respond in detail and not annoyed.

If a disease requiring treatment, he should not inform the doctor extensively on treatment options and risks, as well, when it comes to screening. Create as many additional benefits, he should explain exactly what he recommends and why pay the costs. And even if no further treatment is present, thinks a good doctor in your retirement and reminds you when the next screening is due.

Paid treatments to the gynecologist – which are really necessary?


Necessity: In women with symptoms or a family risk for pelvic tumors may give more precise information of the ultrasound. In symptom-free women of the ultrasound through the vagina is not necessary, a digital examination is sufficient to detect changes. In a striking palpable pay the cashier and the ultrasound. In pregnancy is making a good gynecologist free additional ultrasound examinations, as are covered by insurance only three.

HPV Test

Necessity: The HPV test can detect certain viruses that contribute to the development of cervical cancer. Also legal cancer screening (Pap test) tests to include cervical cancer, therefore, is not the HPV test usually mandatory, because results of the Pap test are abnormal findings, it can be implemented through the HPV test and then by Health insurance accepted.

Hormone study

Necessity: The hormone levels of women is changing in severe menopause. Hot flushes, skin rashes and the like can result. The investigation by the doctor can be useful if the suspicion of disease, without, for example, in the absence of menstruation, menopause symptoms. However, the decision as a hormone treatment of subjective symptoms and is independent of hormone levels.

Additional treatments – good advice!

According to a study by the Stiftung Warentest, the champion in the women’s doctors “hedgehogs,” the prescription of fee-based, individual health benefits. Whether you need an additional power, you can not judge based on a checklist. Whether your gynecologist has you well informed with regard to an additional treatment, but you can find out by asking yourself the following questions:

  • The doctor advised me enough about the performance, why it is useful in my case, although they are not health insurance to pay?
  • If the doctor informed objectively, without making any advertising or exert pressure?
  • Are all questions answered and was given me time to think?
  •  Do I get a written contract with the likely costs and given my consent?



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