How girl get acquainted with a guy

Meet the girl with a man can be anywhere – in the street, in the park, at the disco or on the Internet.

Sociologists have long been estimated that the World Wide Web is the happiness almost every fifth lady who craves love. And if, say, you want to get to know it in a romantic spot – a bar or restaurant? Guys always there is any good and if vending young man himself will lead a conversation with you, but if not? It turns out that there are courses that specifically teach all the tricks of dating with the opposite sex.

Meticulous researchers have figured out these questions and finally came to the conclusion that, in general, all men are not against the fact that she got acquainted first and almost the same percentage of male thinks that is normal, but if the girl is their first invited on a date. So, the main task of the girls – to make sure that the young man wanted to see her more than once.

This is the art of attracting the attention of the stronger sex – Women’s pickup. Therefore, the time spoken phrase like “you are so beautiful! I have immediately noticed from all the other “affects boys almost 100%. The trick is to select your subject, among others. And the same test shows that this trick fall 9 guys from the standard 10.

We meet on the streets

And here is where you can begin to roam and learn, so it is on the avenues and streets of the city. Here, there is always plenty of reasons to come to a nice young man. The easiest way to get acquainted with pet owners – a cat or a dog. Well, if you also have a favorite four-legged, and you can talk about it excitedly. Joint interesting topic will give you a reason to continue the conversation further.

The car – a good theme to explore

If you are behind the wheel, boldly asking a man to help you with parking. Reassure him that you have seen how it was parked, and his virtuosity and skill in this business brings you to delight. Check this option – it is guaranteed to work.

Start a conversation with a man about a car repair or approve of his choice of vehicle brands. Praise his car and tell me what you want to buy just such a car and ask him for advice. Also it works flawlessly if you ask a man to advise you what better to buy the company garage doors, or set alarms. Pay attention to it, that you value the most reliable and good quality, and advice will follow immediately.

Creative themes

You can also borrow a mobile phone to make an urgent call mom or girlfriend, to ask you to take a picture on the background of the city park or just ask a man how to find out, for example, Gorky. Do not worry, the guy is not just tell me where to find the street, but also hold at the destination. And there is a matter of your equipment.

Relationship Interest

A great way for a successful dating service – find the same hobbies and interests. To do this, you can sign up for special courses, seminars, training sessions, at the gym, visit museums, exhibitions and galleries. It is easy to meet like-minded, to have a casual conversation and become his friend.

But, no matter where you found each other, always remember, more than half of the male population continues to chat with a girl who when meeting appealed to them for help, whether it’s choosing a gift for Dad, a tire or purchase discounts for automatic gates.

But this, as part of the male population of men try to strike up an acquaintance with a woman who, looking into his eyes, wondered why he looked at her so intently watching.

And if after all these your means and ways you like the gentleman did not show much enthusiasm, in parting, gently shake his hand. It brings people shaking hands on a subconscious level. And already there is a trick …



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