How to become beautiful by the New Year

To make your dream dreams become a reality, take care of yourself at least a week before the holiday.

Look younger

Lifting serums with collagen and oligopeptides do not replace salon procedures, but they show quite decent results. For a couple of weeks, the skin is smoothed, becomes fresh and elastic. The key to success is the regularity of their application. In addition, care can be supplemented with masks with hyaluronic acid – they will restore the hydrobalance and align the nasolabial folds.

Align the complexion

Express care for the return of a healthy complexion begins with exfoliating the keratinized cells. Use soft gommage if the skin is prone to dryness, or thermoskrab, if the sebaceous glands are sufficiently active. Then make a mask. Ideal are products containing karite, olive and grape seed oil, enzymes, pomegranate extracts, green tea and aloe vera.

If there are dark circles under the eyes, patches with polysaccharides, minerals and caffeine, known for its ability to remove excess fluid, will help.

Wipe wrinkles

wrinkles and wrinkles are quite successfully fighting serums and creams with Argireline. This hexapeptide has a high biological activity: it relaxes muscles and, thus, not only removes wrinkles, but also prevents the appearance of new ones. Unlike botox, it is non-toxic and has no contraindications and side effects. The first results can be seen very quickly, literally in 3-4 days of using serum.

Go To Negative

To lose weight by a couple of kilograms, it is often enough to remove excess fluid from the body. Here, drainage creams and masks containing green tea, caffeine will help. A good detox effect is provided by baths with sea salt, and essential oils of citrus, added to the usual milk, make the skin more elastic.

Restore hair

Broken hair needs keratin, lipids, mineral complexes. All this is easy to find in restoring and strengthening masks. If the problem is not so much in brittleness as in lack of moisture, choose moisturizing products with amino acids, algae and vegetable oils. For speed, try using the mask after each wash instead of the air conditioner. But after all, apply indelible care to close the cuticle layer and make the hair smooth.

Add brilliance

Even the most healthy skin and hair need an appropriate frame. Moreover, on a festive night you can afford a bright make-up and exquisite styling. Your main assistants are highlighter and powder with a glow effect.

Choose products with reflective particles that emphasize cheekbones and create an ideal face oval. They need to be applied on the cheeks, the center of the chin, slightly on the forehead. Shining powder can be shaded throughout the upper eyelid, this will make the look more open.

Add shine hair will help styling with silicones. They do not harm the hair, as they are easily washed off with water, but at the same time glue the sliced ​​ends effectively and smooth the surface of the hair.


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