How to choose soft contact lenses

People with poor eyesight have to use eyesight correction aids daily, in order to improve the quality and comfort of everyday life. Glasses for a long time were the only device for improving vision, then replaced by solid lenses that were supposed to become more comfortable and effective for correcting vision. Only a few people could dare to wear solid lenses, because the mere presence in the eyes of a foreign body frightened and raised doubts about the safety of their use.

Modern technologies and materials made it possible to produce soft contact lenses, which have become an innovation among vision correction agents. Soft lenses are not only more comfortable, but also easy to care for and use. For example, the Air Optix lenses have already improved the quality of life of millions of people with impaired vision, and have given them the opportunity to exercise, drive and lead an active lifestyle. Many users not only shared their impressions of wearing soft contact lenses, but also recommended to friends who have vision problems.

Many mistakenly believe that the lenses will change their appearance and hide the beauty of the eyes, but in fact it is not, the lenses are completely invisible on the eyeball, besides there is the possibility to change the color of the iris with the help of colored lenses with the necessary diopters. Lovely ladies will especially appreciate the opportunity not to wear glasses for an evening or wedding dress, and feel free from the problems with vision.

Before you start wearing contact lenses, you need to visit an ophthalmologist and undergo a thorough examination of the organs of vision. The specialist will choose contact lenses, taking into account the characteristics of each patient, his lifestyle and degree of activity. Soft lenses can be of different lengths of wearing, depending on the type they can be changed every day, and can be repeated every six months, daily placing them in the night in a special container with a cleaning liquid. There are such lenses that can be worn at all without taking off for up to seven days and not experiencing any discomfort. Wearing soft, flexible contact lenses once, you will never want to return to glasses.


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