How to do a hair mask at home? / Mask for fine hair / Mask for Dry Hair

How to do a hair mask at home?

If you are willing to experiment with us, join us! Today let’s talk about how to make hair masks at home.

In fact, the creation of hair masks can be a very exciting procedure. Prepare some beautiful jars, which, incidentally, we have to be refrigerated.

Mask for fine hair

Thin hair is very sensitive to cold, salt and sun. That is why it is so important to protect them from the negative external effects. One of the most effective is the mask with chocolate. For this we need a mask to blend 100 grams. melted dark chocolate, 1 egg yolk, 2 tablespoons. tablespoons of olive oil. Chocolate enriches hair with antioxidants and vitamins, covers them with a protective film.

Mask split ends

Split ends of hair – a problem for many people. It is best to cope with this task mask based oils. So, you can rub the hair roots and tips of wet warm olive oil. In this case, the hair is rinsed can serve as a natural mineral water with lemon juice. Well proven mask split ends with glycerin.

For its creation, you need to mix 1 teaspoon of glycerin, 1 teaspoon vinegar and 1 teaspoon of castor oil. Add the egg and mix thoroughly.

Applied to the entire surface of the hair, a little warm-up mask for 40-50 minutes, under cellophane plenochkoy. Wash off with warm water. This mask can be stored in the refrigerator, it is recommended to use one once a week,

Mask for Dry Hair

Dry and thin hair mask will help with an apple and olive oil. Create it like this:

1. Two apples Grate.

2. Add to gruel 3 tbsp olive oil, mix thoroughly.

3. Apply on the hair and wrap them with plastic wrap for 30-40 minutes.

4. Wash off. Apply this mask can be two times a week, do not want to keep, so count on one time!

Mask of burdock oil.

Many of us have heard about the healing properties of burdock oil. Burdock oil helps not only moisturize the hair, but also to restore the structure.

Besides infusion of burdock oil can stimulate hair growth, and the mask based on the burdock oil moisturizes hair. What do you need?

1 egg
2 tbsp burdock oil
2 tbsp lemon juice

Mix lemon juice, oil and egg, put the mixture on the hair roots and make a gentle massage. Leave on the hair for 20-30 minutes and rinse with warm water. This mask can be stored in the refrigerator for 1 week. It can be applied 2-3 times a week.



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