How to get rid of the traces of pimples

Get rid of the traces left behind by acne – it is not so difficult. The most important thing – to be persistent and to act as soon as possible. We have to admit that the traces of acne are extremely common problem among young people. They cause a lot of trouble even after getting rid of acne.
Deep cleansing

To skin looked smooth and shiny, it needs periodic updating. This will help quality exfoliating treatments. So use a soft natural scrub for at least 2 times a week, it will remove dead cells from the skin, improve breathing and its regeneration.

Cabin treatments

If the consequences of acne are long, and you are ready to go to the beauty parlor, the salon of the procedures best suited fruit peels and ultrasonic cleaning of the face. These methods not only injure the skin, but also allow you to effectively remove from the surface all the unwanted particles, as well as improve its eating and breathing. All this contributes to the early formation of healthy new layer. These procedures are suitable for even very young young people.

Home remedies

it is also possible to treat your skin at home. Experiment with different masks, containing updated and wound healing components. For example, a versatile and effective way to combat acne are various varieties of clay.

Clay is excellent fights redness and smoothes the skin. It is especially effective in combination with a variety of useful components. So, if the skin has a residual inflammatory process – is to add a mask out of clay a little tea tree oil. It is perfectly disinfects and helps heal wounds.

Cucumber mask

Masks from the pulp and the juice of cucumber – also a good solution to the problem. To make a mask, take a small cucumber, peel it from the skins and chop. Apply on the face for about 15 minutes, then remove the mask and wash with cold water.

If you have previously carried out exfoliation procedure, on the face can no longer be applied cosmetics. The skin has to be well hydrated (this is important when dealing with traces of acne).

Infusion of parsley

Usual Ogorodnaya parsley can also be a great tool in the fight with traces of acne. Just brew it with boiling water and let it brew for a bit. Wash with warm infusion can be several times a day. Your skin will get lighter shade will be more smooth, and the red and blue spots disappear.


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