How to lighten your hair at home?

Many women dream of having a lighter shade of hair. All beauty salons and hairdressers have in their arsenal a service for clarification of hair. But you can become a blonde, and at home, most importantly adhere to certain rules so as not to harm your hair. How to lighten your hair at home?

If you decide to use the paint for hair bleaching, you should remember that the roots lightens much faster than the ends of the hair. Consider this nuance when applied. But if you use the paint to brighten the first time, it is better to abandon this method and to trust your hair professional, or very carefully follow the instructions for use.

There are popular ways to lighten your hair

For example, natural clarifiers are lemon and chamomile.

The diluted water (1: 1) lemon juice is applied to the hair for 15 minutes and then washed off. With careful use on dry hair, or a lemon will make them more land.

Chamomile makes a strong bleaching effect, but rather makes the golden hair that looks especially good on blond hair. For the effect, it is necessary to wash the hair infusion of chamomile. The result usually does not appear immediately, but after a few applications of the infusion (all depends on the color and texture of the hair).

Remember that in any case can not lighten your hair at once radically (from dark to light) otherwise you will instead get a beautiful blond hair dry, white washcloth.

Here such here simple way on how to lighten your hair at home and achieve the desired light color. The most important thing to do no harm to your hair!


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