How to maintain a relationship in marriage

When marrying a loved one, I always want to believe that this is forever. Romantic admission, common interests, dating with friends and parents, and, finally, the long-awaited day. After the guests parted, the gifts are counted and the honeymoon is left behind, you enter a new phase of relationships , when you are not just lovers, but family. Of course, when people live together permanently, quarrels and conflicts are inevitable, but this does not necessarily mean that something is wrong in your relationship. Womie has  collected for you some effective tips that will help you keep a warm relationship in marriage for many years.

Ability to fully accept a person.

Of course, you may be annoyed by some habits of a loved one, something you might not like in his behavior. To completely silence the problem is not necessary, so as not to accumulate irritation. However, you should always remember that your partner is a grown-up person with his own views, habits and interests. For example, if your husband often watches football, and you want him to pay attention to you, then instead of making a scandal, you better try playing the game once with him – suddenly you will like it too?

Relatives and friends are not discussed.

Even if it seems to you that all of his relatives are extremely unpleasant people, never let yourself be badly talked about them, always remember that he’s close to them and he knows them all his life. If you start to bet your loved one, the choice may not be in your favor. The same goes for friends – even if you manage to convince your husband to stop communicating with them, then he will simply turn into a hammered and angry henpecked, but do you want it?


The main condition of true love is the ability to demand nothing in return. Family is not a market relationship, do not treat your husband on the principle of “you to me – I to you”, just love it, and you will see how much more it will do for your relationship than a constant expectation of something in return.

Sexual harmony.

Of course, sex is not the main component of the family, but it is impossible to build full relations without it. Do not think that after a couple of years, the passion will surely disappear and the husband will only have enough ironed shirts and a tasty lunch, and most importantly a joint event is a repair. After all, you once chose this man, do not move away from him, arrange for him romantic surprises, make variety in your sex life. Another important point is the woman’s favorite manner of encouragement and punishment through sex. If you try to manipulate a man in this way, then one day you can find out that you are not the only woman in his life, so this behavior from the first day of living together should be taboo for you.

Ability to forgive.

None of us is perfect and not immune from mistakes. If your partner stumbled somewhere, do not immediately put an end to the relationship, try to understand why it happened, because this is your close person and he deserves at least to be heard. Life is long and multifaceted, so it’s very important not to be categorical, otherwise it will not be possible to build a relationship with one person.

Just love. Whatever you say, and the main condition for a happy family life, the simplest and most obvious is love. If you really love the person with whom you live, and he loves you, then you will be able to cope with all difficulties of family life and keep a warm confidential relationship in marriage for many years.



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