How to prepare a lemon mask for the face?

Lemon is the champion in the maintenance of vitally important vitamin C. In addition, it contains trace elements, pectin substances and valuable essential oils. That is why it is so important in modern cosmetology and its contribution is truly priceless. But this is by no means all the virtues for which this citrus fell in love. He is able to disinfect and bleach the skin, as well as to give a magnificent mood. Very often cosmetologists resort to using lemon as a panacea for early wrinkles. Today we will tell you how to prepare masks in accordance with the type of skin.

Masks based on lemon for oily skin

As follows, whisk the yolk and add to it 2.5 dessert spoons of lemon juice and 1.5 dessert spoons of the lemon peel, previously rubbed into a gruel. All ingredients must be mixed. After such manipulations, it is necessary to add oat flakes so that in the end get a thick enough mixture. Composition apply on face

The main movements, and wash off best after 11 minutes. It’s important to take into account the nuance: as the miracle waxes up, the mask will look more like a thick rough crust, which is why it must first be slightly soaked and then gently washed off.

For normal skin

A mask for this type of skin is prepared on the basis of honey or olive oil. A lemon mask for the face is recommended to be performed no more often than 2 times in 13 days. To make a mask, you need to survive the juice from a small lemon. Add 4 dessert spoons of lime honey. This effective mixture must be properly mixed. Now put it on gauze, but the eye and lip area should be free.

Compress should be applied to the face for about 22 minutes, and after a good rinse of the face.

For dry mature skin

Whisk the egg yolk, and in it add 2.5 teaspoons of melted butter, as well as lemon juice and a little water. Stir all the ingredients, then apply the mass on the face, and after the layer is absorbed, you need to apply another one. Remove the mask is best with a cotton pad.

Masks with lemon have an antioxidant effect, so after using them the complexion acquires a fresh and even shade.



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