How to renew facial skin at home

Doing a face peeling follows every woman, but there is not always an opportunity to visit the beauty salon. Cosmetic Grossmann Center invites visitors on the eve of New Year’s holidays. New Year’s mood will be a wonderful continuation of pleasant cosmetic procedures, the result of which will become obvious the very next day!

However, many women are engaged in creating their own image at home. For many, this is not a big deal for a woman, because it does not require large financial investments. Just read the instructions for facial rejuvenation and follow its recommendations.

Superficial purification of the face can be performed with the help of benign peeling. Buy a good scrub in the store, which is based on abrasive particles. These substances exfoliate the surface layer, thereby cleaning the surface of the skin. In addition to hard particles, the scrub contains a soft base.

Homemade skin renewal face mask

At the preparatory stage, you should warm up your face skin by preparing a steam bath. To do this, you will need:

  • A large bowl (not less than 3 liters);
  • A bath towel;
  • A good quality cream;
  • Wipes cleaning and absorbing;
  • Herbs for the skin of the face – 2 tbsp. spoons (for oily skin – chamomile, for dry – mint);
  • Water boiled 2.5 liters.

Clean face should be bowed over a bowl of water, while cover the head with a towel. Take a hot steam, like in a sauna, for about 10 minutes. At the end of the procedure, blot the face with a napkin and apply a scrub to the skin, gently rubbing the skin with soft circular motions. How to carry out the renewal of facial skin at home, you will learn in practice.

The simplest peeling is to rub your face with soapy hands (excluding the area around the eyes), then with ordinary sugar gently rub your face like a scrub. After the procedure, you should again steam out your face and carefully remove the foreign inclusions, dead skin particles with a napkin. You can not hurry, otherwise you can damage the healthy layer of the skin. Wait until the particles themselves begin to lag behind the surface of the face. After the procedure, rinse your face with cool water and allow the skin to rest. Then lubricate it with a nutritious cream, soothing for a couple of hours before going to bed.


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