How to wash your hair

Condition of the hair reflects the general state of health. Different diseases, disorganized, nutrition, vitamin deficiencies, fatigue, and other violations of the entire body, especially the nervous system – all this affects the growth and condition of the hair. Brings great harm to the abuse of alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee, poor organization of rest, lack of exercise.

For normal hair growth is of great importance and proper care. Common visible hair on the surface of the skin is a dead formation in which cells do not proliferate. In the event of damage to the hair of his recovery is not possible. So the hair should be protected.

Unfortunately, sometimes the hair is exposed to a variety of harmful effects to them: they are roughly comb, pluck, overheating, excessive alkali degreasing, discolor strong solution of hydrogen peroxide, etc. All of this leads to the destruction of the hair. Is it any wonder that in such a “caring” hair broken, split, thinning.

Of great importance in the care of hair has respect for their purity.
Hair is very easily contaminated. In this case, they lose their luster, color changes, they become sticky, poorly stacked.

Obstructed air flow to the scalp and hair from heat contribute to the development of microbes. It is necessary to regularly wash your hair with soap and water, at least once in 6-7 days (healthy hair). Water for washing the hair should be soft, pleasantly hot temperature (38-40 °).

Wash hard water not only cleans, but also spoils the hair. Found in hard water calcium salts form insoluble precipitates covering the hair grayish-white sticky coating. Hair stick together, and on drying become stiff, dry and break off easily.

Soften hard water can be long (not less than 1 hour) to boiling with salt precipitate. In settle and drained after boiling water should add 0.5 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of borax in 1 liter of water.

Before washing the hair should be well pre-comb, especially if they are long.

In a well-soaked hair with warm water and apply the lather vigorously with your fingertips, not nails, massaged into the scalp.

Of great importance is the quality of soap. It should be neutral, not contain alkalis. It is best to apply the soap “Medoc”, “velvety”, “Baby”, “egg” or “Bath”. Laundry soap or green, soapy alcohol contain free alkali and harmful to the hair. In addition to soaps, shampoos detergents are used.

Shampoo produced from high surfactant products. Due to special additives easily washes the hair, making it soft, shiny and silky. Reactions slightly acidic shampoo in accordance with the reaction of the skin.

After a swim in the salt water hair should be washed as well as the combination of salt water and bright sunlight makes the hair brittle.

Sometimes the use of too alkaline shampoo become irritated skin, itching and flaking in the neck, forehead and eyelids. Then we have to go to the use of soap. To eliminate the influence of alkali, give your hair softness and shine to enhance their useful to add to the water to rinse 1 tablespoon of vinegar to 1 quart of water or juice of one lemon. Good wet blocked after washing liquid consisting of 5 ml of glycerol, 15 ml of lemon juice, 90 ml of water and 15 ml cologne. This will make hair soft, fluffy, shiny.

Hot water and a gentle massage of the head when rubbed suds contributed to the increasing circulation of the scalp, improves local metabolism in the tissues. After proper shampooing felt pleasant lightness and warmth. It should keep the heat until the hair is not dried out. It is very common shampoo in the evening before going to bed. Often, having washed his head, lie in bed with wet hair. This may contribute to the disease influenza, neuralgia of the head, and it is harmful for the hair. The skin is cooled by a long, deteriorating and hair food that is harmful effect on their growth.

At the end of washing hair must be dried with a towel dry. It is advisable to use the warmed towels, especially in winter. In the summer of useful dry hair outdoors. Tangled and matted long hair must be carefully disassemble your hands, squeeze them between the ends of the towel and leave to dry completely loose. Fast drying hair dryer or dry heat is very bad, because the hair is easy to get too dry, become brittle, brittle (whipped). Hair hygroscopic, they can absorb moisture, so do not comb your hair, especially the long, wet. Heavy with water, they can easily break off, pulled out.

Wash healthy hair more than once a week, it does not follow from this, they can become brittle, dry. And the hair and scalp over-dry, dandruff appears.



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