Is it possible to make love during pregnancy?

Is it possible to make love during pregnancy? Womie authoritatively responds: it is necessary! But with certain reservations, not always and not all. If your pregnancy passes without complications, then there is no reason to deny yourself (and the spouse) in intimate relationships . In a normally occurring pregnancy, sexual intimacy can not harm a child, since it is safely protected by amniotic fluid and a fetal bladder.

It should be remembered that the emotional background in women during pregnancy is significantly unstable, therefore, to preserve peace and tranquility in the family, sex is vital. True, different pregnant women have different sexual appetites: some because of toxicosis can not even hear about sex, others have enough tenderness and embrace, while others beat bed records almost to the first fights. But regardless of temperament, you should remember the peculiarities of each trimester to knowingly decide whether to refrain from sex or not.

First trimester: moderation and accuracy

As noted, toxicosis can deprive a woman of the joys of sex at an early pregnancy. Weakness, nausea and sudden mood changes do not help maintain the right degree in intimate relationships. My husband will have to show understanding and at the time to reconcile with this state of affairs.

But lucky ones who avoided the delights of toxicosis, can not change the old way of sexual life. However, keep in mind that the risk of losing a child in the first trimester is slightly higher than in later terms, so sexual relations should be non-aggressive and extremely accurate – no acrobatics!

Second trimester: “second wind”

We can say that this is the time of sexual recovery. Toxicosis, if it was, has already passed, the stomach does not interfere, the breast has increased and become more sensitive, the sexual desire is strengthened by the hormones progesterone and estrogen. Therefore, in the second trimester, the sensations of sex become much more vivid. The main thing is to choose the poses that will be comfortable for the future mother: remember that it is contraindicated for pregnant women to lie on their backs. But in general – enjoy life!

Third trimester: enthusiasm is not the same

On the question of whether it is possible to make love during pregnancy, many women in lazy bones will respond lazily: “Is it necessary?”. Of course, the big belly does not have the best effect on coordination, the woman as a whole is more likely to get tired, so by the time of evening love pleasures, she rarely has the strength to actively exercise in bed. In addition, the closer the birth, the more the pregnant woman embraces the “nesting syndrome” – cribs, strollers and changing table for her become much closer than orgasm.

When to avoid having sex during pregnancy

The answer is simple – if the ban is set by your gynecologist. He can do this in the following cases:

  • if there is a confirmed threat of miscarriage or an unsuccessful pregnancy in the anamnesis;
  • if atypical copious discharge or bleeding has begun;
  • if placenta previa is observed;
  • with ischemic cervical insufficiency of the cervix;
  • if you have a multiple pregnancy (as a rule, you should abstain from sex after 28 weeks of pregnancy).

If the doctor does not recommend you to make love during pregnancy, specify what exactly is meant by sexual rest – the prohibition of only an act with penetration, or, in general, actions that cause orgasm and agitation. But in any case, do not cancel the tactile contact: embraces need the couple without fail.

And you had to give up making love during pregnancy?



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