Japanese beauty secrets

Japanese women know – “you are what you eat”. Therefore, proper nutrition for them is almost paramount. The main rule here – small portions of a variety of products for every meal. Even a simple Japanese meal, such as lunch or dinner includes from 5 to 30 dishes in the most bizarre combinations. A weekly diet of Japanese women includes more than a hundred different dishes!

Cooking food in Japan is akin to creating a painting or composing haiku – everything has a deeper meaning. Meals are served on beautiful plates small – not much to eat, and thus the extra weight is not threatened. Many Japanese women traditionally prepared dishes in a double boiler – it guarantees a high safety of vitamins in food. Products can only be lightly boiled thoroughly, slightly put out, but not overdone. Mild heat treatment is widespread. For example, soybean soup boil two minutes, or destroyed vitamin complex soybean paste, which is part of the soup. In addition, the products in Japanese cuisine is often consumed raw.


Bread consumption in Japan is much lower than in the West – here it is replaced by Fig. As rice is the foundation of the menu, women are much easier to maintain harmony.

No fast food!

In addition to rice, the favorite food of Japanese women – it is a fish, vegetables, green tea, fruit, citrus, radish, daikon radish, lettuce, soy cheese, tofu. Eggs Japanese women almost do not eat too little milk drink. And to imagine a Japanese girl, eagerly eats the hamburger or sausage rolls, at all difficult – harmful fast food, they do not favor.

Rich in antioxidants and vitamins C and E green tea Japanese borrowed from the Chinese as early as the ninth century. Since then, the tradition of the tea ceremony so firmly woven into the life of every Japanese, even the rhythm of modern life can not prevent this religious rite.

As for the sweets, the Japanese women do not give it up completely, but prefer miniature desserts, most of the fruits and puddings that eat tiny portions. Almost never in the desserts are not added to the butter and dairy products.

Hair like silk

Of course, it is not necessary to explain the appearance of a beautiful Japanese women only traditions of healthy eating – a lot depends on skin care, hair care and body care.

Centuries of Japanese women know the secret magic influence of camellia oil. Camellia contains protein and oleic acid, both of these substances penetrate into the fine structure of the hair, give volume and smooth the hair.

How to use camellia oil? Need a little heat with a tablespoon of it and apply to wet hair, distributing the entire length, with attention and ends of the hair. Hair mask of camellia oil is necessary to keep the head from 20 to 30 minutes, and then rinse the hair with any shampoo.

Cosmetics as a ritual

Japanese women love make-up, but their relationship to the means to maintain the beauty is fundamentally different from European. In Japan, the care of yourself – it’s a ritual akin to the tea ceremony. A cosmetics – the opportunity to decorate not only himself, but his life, enliven everyday life and enjoy every moment. Hence seriousness to detail “cosmetic ceremony.”

All of the Japanese cosmetics harmony – design packaging, flavor and color of money, the pleasure of his application and even accessories: dishes for masks, sponges, brushes. Japanese cosmetics are almost always genuine – a minimum of preservatives, no flavorings and colorings. A plant components which are present in creams and gels, are very beneficial effect on the skin.

The structure of the rising sun cosmetics often include pearls, pearl protein rather conchiolin – antioxidant, anti-allergen, moisturizer and protector against UV rays. Another important component – the unique fibrion silk – it can hold seven times more moisture than other means.

The skin like porcelain

Smooth skin of Japanese women is considered one of the most attractive in the world.
care of it they pay special attention, do not abuse the decorative cosmetics, using it only in extreme cases. On the ritual of nourishment and hydration of the skin of the Japanese ladies can take several hours, and if the procedure is started, then interrupt it is simply unthinkable. In addition, several times a week using homemade mask based on algae that not only nourish the skin but also tightens it. Here is one such recipe.

The mask of youth

in white clay, add the powdered oats, rice bran, finely shredded seaweed, chamomile flowers. Here is to put one teaspoon of jojoba oil, rose hips, chamomile and a little bit of water. Weight should be thick, about the pasta – it should be gently rubbed into the skin of the face and leave for fifteen minutes. Rinse off the mask should be a cool mineral water without gas.

Apple cider vinegar and sea salt

Japanese women know about the benefits of apple cider vinegar and so willingly add it to shampoo – for prevention of dandruff, de-oiling the hair roots, stimulating growth. It can also be added to the bath to keep your skin young and makeup remover. And if you drop a few drops of apple cider vinegar in camellia oil, chamomile, lavender or rosemary, combined with nettle extract, you can get a great lotion for the face.

Sea salt – as an indispensable supplement, perfectly helps with cellulite, which is known about the benefits of oriental beauties. It is mixed with the juice of aloe vera, healing mud, seaweed, and then rubbed with such compounds in the body of water treatments.

Massage is required!

The fact that massage is one of the most effective treatments to restore health and beauty, of course, no secret. But, in contrast to European methods, the Japanese art not only aimed at relaxing the body and soul. Rather, Japanese massage combines all the hidden reserves of the body in the fight against this or that disease. And at the same time – in the fight against time.

Shiatsu, a daily massage for the face of youth, the Japanese women use to keep their porcelain skin. He carried a light touch on the tips of the fingers slowly and, most importantly, regularly – every day for five minutes.

Gold persimmon

Persimmon in Japan symbolizes wealth, prosperity and joy. This orange fruit is revered by the Japanese for centuries, and not by accident.

In the fruit and leaves of the persimmon contains a variety of nutrients and trace elements. Vitamins that are in persimmon, can make the skin soft and beautiful. Using persimmon beauty – is a hydrating mask for the face and body and rejuvenating bath.

Nourishing Mask for face and body

must take the persimmon pulp and apply it on the face and body. Pre skin is best to steam in the sauna or bath. Persimmon pulp should remain on the skin for 30 minutes, then wash with warm shower.

Drink from persimmon

should pour one teaspoon of dried persimmon leaves two liters of boiling water. Then drink to leave for a few minutes, after which it can be drunk – slowly, in small sips, if you want to drink, you can add a little honey.

Rejuvenating bath

should prepare an infusion of dried persimmon leaves out of proportion: a glass of persimmon leaves per cup of boiling water. This infusion can be added to a hot bath, then enjoy it about half an hour.



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