Keeping your vagina clean and healthy

Every woman should take care of her sexual organs, avoiding certain serious mistakes. In this article, we will talk about 9 things that you should not do, if you care about the health of your genitals!

1- If you experience any pain, discomfort or candidiasis, you should seek qualified help from specialists than do self-medication at home using such products as tea tree oil, for example.

2- We do not tell you to throw out all your narrow jeans, you can wear them sometimes, but try to wear ordinary trousers instead, because they are breathable. The constant wearing of narrow clothing can lead to acne or candidiasis, you definitely would not want to suffer from either one or the other. Just be sure that you give your female genital area free space and they can breathe.

3-A woman should understand that her sexual organ is very sensitive and delicate. You must comply with hygiene, otherwise you may encounter an infection, a feeling of general anxiety and a sharp smell.

4- One of the serious mistakes! It’s true that everyone can get itchy in this place. However, you must try to resist the temptation. Since if you do not keep it, you can cause further irritation, and then you may face the problem of bacterial vagitosis.

5- Your vagina is excellent in its natural state and other comments are not accepted. Now, as for the vaginal decoration of various materials: the vagina is the most sensitive part of your body, and you become not want to have problems with this body. Any jewelry in the form of foreign bodies can lead to a rash and itchy skin.

6- Frequent washing actually cleans your vagina from all microbes, including important ones that keep your levels of corrosive activity under control. Getting rid of these bacteria, you become completely unprotected from disease. The vagina is so arranged that you do not need to wash them often with soap, as they themselves produce a substance that acts as a natural cleanser. Therefore, it is advised to wash the outer layer with the help of unscented soap.

7- Many girls make epilation of the bikini zone. In this case, you need to be sure that you are referring to a good specialist who will not leave you with ingrown hairs that can cause various diseases.

8- Always wear clean underwear to protect your vagina from infections. Almost every woman has vaginal discharge every day, so it’s important to change your underwear often. It is better to go to the laundry more often than to the hospital.

9- All women as soon as they see a pimple or a rash on the vagina immediately begin to worry, but you should try not to touch them at all. The vagina, which is the most sensitive part of your body, can not endure harsh treatment.



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