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Immoderate appetite – one of the main causes of excess weight. Only children can eat large amounts of food and do not get fat because they are constantly moving in their bodies active growth hormone. Adults also should make much more effort to stay in shape. First of all you need to curb your appetite. And help us in this, oddly enough, the products. So, what to eat, to eat less?

Water, broth, soups. Hunger is often confused with thirst. Therefore, before a meal, drink a glass of plain water. With this little trick you at the table will eat a lot less. Soups and broths – the most essential food in controlling appetite. They contain a lot of water and it is very nutritious. Because of this, you will eat less solid food, and you shall be filled faster.

Fatty foods are digested longer. A piece of cheese or oil increases the levels of cholecystokinin (a hormone saturation) 20 times. Protein foods helps a lot longer be fed. A piece of white meat for an hour before bedtime allows the body to starve until morning. A handful of nuts (pine, wood, walnut, etc.) and does allow you to remain strong and well-fed for several hours.

Oatmeal is also a very long time retains a sense of satiety. This is one of the most useful carbohydrates. It helps control cholesterol, contains dietary fiber, gives a lot of strength and energy for a long time.

Apples, cucumbers, oranges, berries, carrots, etc. – All sources of dietary fiber. These products are useful to use as a whole, than in the form of salads, jams and preserves. It will require more time chewing and assimilation. In addition to suppressing hunger fiber engaged bowel cleansing. Therefore, eating foods of this kind, you will achieve two goals at once. Importantly, do not forget to drink more.

The richest source of dietary fiber (fiber) are bran. They effectively suppress hunger, relieve constipation, reduce cholesterol, contain a range of vitamins and minerals. All this makes it an indispensable bran dietary product.They practically are not digested. And combined with large amounts of water, fiber swells (which gives a feeling of satiety) and out of the body in the same form in which and went, taking with him the intestinal reservoir. Add bran can be in any food: pastry, smoothies, salads, soups. Or you can just eat a spoonful of bran in the morning, washing them down with a glass of water. It is not recommended to use this product during periods of exacerbations gastrointestinal diseases.


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