Quick Weight Loss: How I lost weight by summer

Rapid weight loss – that is what occupies my thoughts on the eve of warm days. I would like that figure by the summer was a damn good! And last year’s shorts treacherously do not converge at the waist … Rapid weight loss of 10 kg – that’s my goal.

It’s time to get down to business! There are two ways to quick weight loss: diet or exercise. You can use both, and more – this way I chose it. I must say: I consider fasting did not – it is harmful both physically and psychologically. Diets for quick weight loss – it’s fat-free diet. Fit and buckwheat diet and kefir diet and apple diet – choose your own taste. I took buckwheat and kefir diet, and used it for a week. During the week I did not eat anything except unsalted boiled buckwheat and non-fat yogurt or drink anything except water.

Rapid weight loss this week went to cheer. I lost weight by diet only 6 pounds! The success has inspired me! How great to lose weight! It remains to throw another 4 kg, and fix the result – and then I’ll be in good shape!

Out of the diet should be very careful not to go back dropped pounds. I completely gave up bread, pastries, sweets. For breakfast – a sandwich with butter and cheese and coffee. For lunch – soup and second. At dinner – something light – a salad, boiled potatoes (potatoes should not be afraid, most importantly – do not fry it!), Vegetable stew, and cottage cheese. If you want to eat at night – you can drink a glass of buttermilk.

In addition, it is necessary to introduce exercise. It would be nice to join the pool or fitness room. But if you do not have the time, like me, then you can replace it all on exercises for fast weight loss . You need to do exercises every (!) Day – in the evening or in the morning – that’s the way you want.

Also, I gave up the elevators and from trips to the shops on the car. Otnye I began walking for groceries on foot. This has two big advantages. First, the walk there and back – is the ability to burn off some calories. And then, knowing that you have to carry bags in their hands, have once again think of it, it is worth taking if one or the other goodies, or you can do without it. In general, it is better to goodies (such as baking and chocolate) to refuse, well, if not forever, then for a long time. Believe me, wean away from it very quickly. A month later ceases to pull to the shelves with sweets, and two do not understand how you could have it before! Yes, and in such quantities! The main thing is to overcome itself in the first step – and then it will go much easier.

The most rapid weight loss – weight loss is just in my head. As soon as I put things in order in my mind – things at once went smoothly. After a week of exercise and walking I lost another 1.5 lbs. His goal – minus 10 kg I reached in a month. Now, I’m splitting not only in his shorts, but in my jeans, which I already had an affair put an end. So behold, all things are possible.

Quick ways to lose weight – they all know – eat less and move more!



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