Shameful questions about sex

We guess that you have questions that are easier to ask on the Internet than to a friend or even a gynecologist. Do not rely on the answers of strangers in the network – for you we asked these questions to qualified specialists. So, all you wanted to know about sex: from penile trauma to squirting. Thank you then.

Is it true that I can break his penis?

Although this is not a bone, it really can be broken. During hard sex or masturbation, you can really break a penis. The erect penis is filled with blood. If during a particularly passionate sex with a force to bend it, then sex can end in trauma. What if you think that this happened to your man? Immediately to the doctor! In this terrible case, immediate surgical treatment is recommended.

What if the condom jumped off and stayed inside?

First, without panic. Strange sounds, but this is a very common phenomenon. Remove the condom and make sure it is not damaged. If you do not use additional methods of contraception, for example, birth control pills or an intrauterine device, then take postcoital contraception as soon as possible, even if it seems to you that the contents did not penetrate the vagina. What’s next? If there is even the slightest chance that you or your partner has a sexually transmitted disease (STD), take the necessary tests for these diseases.

Why do I never experience orgasm? What should I do?

Firstly, this does not mean that something is radically wrong with you. In most cases, it’s just a matter of finding the right point. Many women do not experience orgasm only from vaginal sex, but they can be helped by clitoral stimulation or masturbation. If this does not work, the lack of orgasm can be associated with chronic illnesses (for example, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and depression), drugs such as antidepressants, a negative attitude toward one’s body, problems in relationships, hormonal disorders and even stress. All these factors can affect both orgasm and sexual desire.

Does it happen that during urination occurs urination?

Hardly. It is more likely that you will feel that you want to go to the toilet “in a small way”. And this is good! This happens when the G point is properly stimulated, so that you are approaching orgasm. There is a suggestion that urine may leak slightly during sex, especially if the bladder is filled to capacity, but some experts believe that this is not urine, but something like a female ejaculation that can occur during orgasm (and this is called squirting) .

During sex I have “there” very wet, is this normal?

Yes, it is perfectly normal, if there is little – or very much – a liquid. If the problem is the opposite, simply stock up with grease.

What is Squirting?

Squirting is the allocation of a woman’s fluid next to the urethra. This occurs with intense stimulation of the G point. Contrary to popular belief, this fluid is not urine. Its composition is very similar to sperm without sperm. And although this is often shown in porn, squirting does not happen for every woman and not every time.

What is wrong with the curved penis?

Sexual members are of a variety of sizes, shapes and colors (like female genitalia). Some of them are bent upward, downward or to the side in the erect state. This is a very common phenomenon and not a cause for concern, unless it causes pain and does not interfere with sex. If the penis starts to change and becomes more and more curved, then it can speak of Peyronie’s disease – damage to the penis during sex (that is, a penis injury). In this case, you should see a doctor. And in general, the curved penis is normal, in addition, it can stimulate you at the right point, so consider it luck.

What should I do if his penis is too big (or too small)?

Just talk about it! Do not be ashamed to discuss the details of sex, especially if it hurts you or you do not get pleasure. If it is too small and does not give you pleasure at the time of penetration, then there are many ways to do it differently. Let him know how you like it when he caresses you with your fingers or your mouth, or how you like to watch his hands. And what if the partner is too big? Slow down the movements and add lubricants. Instead of a missionary position, try the pose of a rider. Being on top, you can better control the movements and slow down until everything becomes as it should.

He does not know how to do it with his mouth! How to help him?

Each woman’s body is individual, so every woman needs a special approach during oral sex. So it’s important not to be silent and tell him what exactly you like. It is possible that he will have enough simple tips, for example: “Slower, dear,” “A little to the left.” If he does not listen or does not fulfill your requests, you can show him your fingers the most sensitive places, as well as the necessary degree of pressure, speed and movement. He can follow your language and sharpen your skills.


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