Tattoos on a woman’s body

Tattoos were invented long ago and were used by ancient tribes so that people could distinguish between each other, their belonging to one or another clan, estate, etc. Today, a tattoo is a way to decorate your body with a talking image. The image can be very different. If earlier they were applied only to men on the body, then today women also allow themselves to do this. Emancipation and the feminist movement have done their work, and women do not want to yield to men in anything. Therefore, more and more women of different ages dare make a tattoo on their body.

But still, most of them strongly doubt before going to the salon, because this is for life. Such girls and women who are not sure that they want a permanent tattoo can make a temporary tattoo in Moscow and in any other city of our country. Temporary tattoos are somewhat reminiscent of the permanent make-up technique, that is, over time, in a few years, they will gradually disappear.

Those who are 100% sure that they want a permanent tattoo can do this. But it’s important to think carefully. Of course, in teenage rebellious age I want to stand out from the crowd, do not look like the rest, but over time, even the most inveterate rocker, punk, emo and a representative of any other subculture changes due to age. This happens to most of the girls who in their youth think that they will never be like their moms, sisters, aunts, etc. That’s why you should think things over well and only after that go to the salon.

As for the location of the tattoo on the body, it can be applied to almost any area. Girls are popular in the bikini, neck, ankle, etc. It is important to remember that sooner or later, if the tattoo is stuffed, for example, in the student years, the university will be finished, and it will be necessary to go to interviews and get a job. Not all potential employers like tattoos, so it’s better to stuff them in inaccessible places so that they are hidden under the suit.

In the East, women put on their bodies various patterns and patterns using a mixture based on henna. This service is now available in our country, and in many cities. You can try and look like that. Moreover, the drawings are washed off after a few weeks. There are also tattoos made from special paints that glow in the dark. This is ideal for those who are not allowed to do tattoos by parents or any other older relatives.



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