Technique of kissing the tongue

A kiss with tongue is a moment of real pleasure in caresses before sex and during coition. The first kiss with language for many becomes a whole problem. And the French kiss for many is a secret for seven seals.

First of all, the technique of kissing the tongue excludes shyness and uncertainty. In a kiss with the tongue there is nothing terrible, and once you try, life and pleasure are guaranteed for life.

In order to win a woman, you need to be patient and be able to restrain yourself. This also applies to kissing with a tongue. Do not immediately strive to dig into the woman’s lips. First you need to kiss her hand, look into her eyes. Such treatment will give the woman to understand that she has nothing to fear, that you can trust in you. The main rule – do not be shy and do not be afraid of the fact that kisses may not like a woman. There is no such thing as “wrong kisses”. Be attentive to the reaction of a woman, she will determine the ideal time for a kiss.

If a woman is so bored by a touch and a look, then it gives a “green light” to the action. After you have kissed the woman’s hands, you can climb higher to the neck and face. You can take a little women and attract a little to yourself – these movements will demonstrate the solidity of the relationship.

Do not get out of your skin to stun a woman with your gorgeous kisses, especially if in fact they are not so gorgeous. If a man is experienced, then the woman herself will understand this. For a start, you can just easily touch her lips. If the female lips reciprocated, you can move on to actually kiss with the tongue. Open her lips a little with her own, and introduce the language, just do not overdo it. A foreign object in the mouth, which also moves vigorously, will not be liked by any woman. The main thing is tenderness, caress and attention. All movements should be soft, but persistent. Many girls are delighted when a partner caresses their language with their tongue.

A French kiss with a tongue is often called a “kiss in the soul.” He is considered much more intimate than just kissing, sometimes even more intimately than oral sex. A French kiss with language implies at least one contact between the languages of both partners. If a woman hesitates, a man must act independently. A French kiss with a tongue makes it possible to penetrate into the soul of a partner, to learn its essence, and even to bring pleasure and excitement.

Technique of a kiss with the language “in French”

The theory of the technique of kissing the tongue is the mutual caress of the lips and the contact of the tongues of a man and a woman. The main thing is not to pierce each other’s lips and watch, so that you do not let the saliva run. The process of kissing the tongue, of course, is very pleasant, but sometimes you need to take breaks just for swallowing saliva.

There is a huge number of all kinds of kissing techniques with the language: a kiss with the language in a vacuum, gentle language games and other interesting ways of sexual oral games. Even doing sex in bed, do not forget about the kisses with the tongue, which will even more excite both a man and a woman.

Passion kiss with tongue strengthen cooling refreshing drinks: juice, tea, cocktails.

But something, after all, before the kiss with the tongue and during it is not worth it:

– do not need to push your language as deep as possible – this is not competition;

– no drooling;

– you are not a leech and not a plunger, so it’s not necessary to throw yourself at a woman “from hunger”. In everything you need to know the measure: you must be moderately persistent, but not vulgar.

– diversity is welcomed.



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