The best transition from short to long hairstyles

This season can be all those fortunate to carry the medium-long hair, because the classical transition fashionable hairstyles are hard. Compact-cut bobs are also in vogue, such as jagged peaks that give the hair, the necessary spice. Cut in the bow, the hair receives a great impetus, and the hair to fall naturally into their movement. Here, the pony is combed on a length. Shimmering strands provide innovative change in the trendy bob hairstyles. Combed forward Bob receives the original charm.

Medium-length hair is 2012 more than a transitional Hairstyle: hair slicked back after giving the average conjure an elegant touch and by stepped side parting hairstyles more volume.

Wonderfully beautiful medium length hair

The sleek look is a favorite of the transition from short to long hairstyles. Here, the pony is accurate and gelled back hair can be styled with pomade and gel easily. Slightly shorter in asymmetrical bob cut bring a lot of momentum into the game. Hairstyles, which are graded according to the back shorter and thus a smooth transition is created, as well as the classic cup style haircuts in the 70s are among the most fashionable versions of the transition from short to long hairstyles.

Haircuts that are combed in the side parting act strictly, elegant and with a shorter half-long hair and the face of stress. Determine the transition from short to long hairstyles this season’s trend: Whether curly, sleek or frayed. Ponies can also be worn like a bit longer, so that the hair is given a mysterious touch. The hair is neatly cut to a length and to carry on average vertex is another way, the transition from short to long to bridge skillfully.



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