The ideal girl – what does she think men?

It is practically impossible to derive the universal ideal formula. Therefore, before you start looking for the answer to the question: the ideal girl – what she is, it is necessary to understand whose ideal we are trying to describe. People are used to thinking and acting in a lot of ways, but in terms of the ideal, as they say, the taste and color of all the markers are different.

The perfect girl – what is it?

Thin or thick? Smart or a bit silly? Cork or cute? Economic or helpless in everyday life? Women are completely different, and the tastes of guys do not boil down to any specific pattern. Believe me, unequivocally answer the question: what is it, the ideal girl is simply impossible. After all, as is known, how many people, so many opinions.

The concepts of beauty and attractiveness are different for everyone. Some love brunettes, others – blondes, and third and do not care about the hair color, if only the breasts of the ideal were not less than the full third size. Someone likes to feel with the body, but someone gets an emotional orgasm from a passionate argument with an intelligent companion. The ideal companion of life entirely depends on the tastes, preferences, level of development and intelligence of the man who draws this very ideal for himself.

Quite often, by the way, and the cases when painted in the mind of a blue-eyed tall blonde, a guy without a memory falls in love with a brown-eyed little brunette. And all just because it corresponds to those of his ideas about the ideal, which are hidden somewhere deep: either in the soul, or in the subcortex of the brain. Alas, you can not love for one thing. No one marries the long legs of a companion of life, or solely on the ability to be arrogant. The ideal often combines a set of attractive features or … does not combine any. In this case, the boys learn the girls, whose outlook and appearance did not fit into their brains, and gradually their idea of ​​the ideal begins to transform, as there comes a completely incompetent love.

At the beginning of the article, we talked about templates. Answering the question: the ideal girl – what she is, one can not help but walk on some principles that often make a girl ideal in the eyes of a man.

The perfect girl – what is it?

She must have a bright appearance

Really should not, if you be completely honest. Especially the question of appearance is incredibly subjective. One guy may seem a gray mouse, and another – a bright ray of the sun. Therefore, we shall perhaps omit the question of appearance and talk about individuality. To become an ideal for someone be in harmony with yourself and, according to your worldview, adjust your appearance.

She should be smart

But not too much. Rarely what a man will tolerate next to a very intelligent woman. Although most guys, when it comes to his ideal, of course, argue that the ideal girl should be smart, well, suited to him, of course. Fools do not like long. But even shorter is love with a great girl. A man can not long tolerate the fact that a woman knows more than him, knows more than him and is always right. The conclusion is this: regardless of the level of IQ, education and awareness in all spheres, to become an ideal girl should be … wise. That is, to be able to play a role, or to pretend to be a fool, when a beloved man expects this from her.

A man and his ideal girl should unite the common interests

Perhaps, this postulate is the most reliable. In fact, rarely relationships develop successfully, if a man and a woman have absolutely no common interests. Here you can add a couple of words about the same thinking. The image of thoughts on a global scale for an ideal couple should coincide, even though in the small things between a guy and a girl there may be disagreements.

The perfect girl – what is it? Perhaps everyone understands that the ideal is a completely ephemeral image, which is formed on the basis of individual taste preferences. Each has its own formula.


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