Tomatoes increase the quality of sperm

The tomato was discovered a substance that is able to strengthen the capacity of sperm cells by 70%. It’s about lycopene. He gives tomatoes red, reports The Daily Mail referring to the University of Sheffield.

For the three-month study has invited 60 healthy males 18-30 years of age. Half of the volunteers will be given twice daily with lycopene capsules, and the rest – dummy pill. In general, experts have long known about the antioxidant properties of lycopene. And, probably, it is due to this should increase the quality of sperm, according to mood at the site materials Meddaili

And by the way, prior to the Cleveland Clinic, it was shown that sperm quality is increased by 70% by reducing the degree of DNA damage. And it inhibits the progression of prostate cancer and BPH. Now to be seen whether the increased number of lycopene adult sperm.



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