Treating Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy

How to Manage Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy.

Hemorrhoids are relatively common during pregnancy. Medical treatment of hemorrhoids is not recommended for pregnant women. There are many natural remedies that work well when treating hemorrhoids during pregnancy. The food is to supply our body with nutrients and keeps us healthy vital. Pregnant women who suffer from hemorrhoids should pay great attention to food. Food can be a safe and effective remedy for pregnant women with hemorrhoids.

Salads and oils.

Pregnant women should eat salads of raw vegetables dressed with flax seed oil or olive oil and apple cider vinegar. It is recommended that food be coked using olive and flax seed oil as well. When vegetables and fruits are heated in cooking, their active calcium content transforms into an inorganic form of calcium. The body is not able to process the inorganic form of calcium and it is moved in less active body parts like the rectal area. Inactive calcium causes disorders and inflammation thus being the cause for hemorrhoid occurrence or worsening the condition of existing hemorrhoids. That is why salads that pregnant women take should be raw. Oils are essential because they contain omega-3 fats which are vital for human health. Salads can contain:

• Alfalfa
• Dark green leafy vegetables
• Sesame seeds
• Cashews
• Spinach
• Nettles
• Raw sunflower seeds

Fish oil supplements and iron foods.

Pregnant women offer suffer for lack of iron. Iron is responsible for building up blood and boosting vitality. Here is a list of the foods rich in iron which is a necessary component of a pregnant woman’s diet especially if suffering from hemorrhoids:

• Kelp
• Chicken liver
• Beef liver
• Pistachios
• Prunes
• Dried apricots
• Blackstrap molasses
• Steamed crab
• Almonds
• Baked potatoes
• Lima beans
• Butter beans
• Cooked broccoli

A pregnant woman should take a dose of fish oil after every meal. The benefits of fish oil are numerous. It helps strengthening the muscles and this way strengthens the rectal area in pregnant women with hemorrhoids.

Foods which are beneficial to treating hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

A high-fiber diet is a good remedy for pregnant women. Raw fruits and vegetables in the daily menu help to eliminate constipation which is the major cause for hemorrhoids in pregnant women. Pregnant women can add freely the following fruit and vegetables to their diet:

Fresh fruit juices – preferably from berries and citruses. Or mixed. Berries contain anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins which are effective to reduce pain in hemorrhoids and strengthen the rectal veins. Oranges and grapefruits contain bioflavonoids which are able to quickly alleviate hemorrhoidal symptoms.

Bananas – they are rich in minerals and fibers. Pregnant women should eat at least two bananas daily.

Cantaloupe – it contains substances with anti-clogging properties which are very helpful in curing hemorrhoids.

Papaya – this is a rich source of enzymes which digest protein. They work well for the quick and proper passing of food through the colon and thus preventing pregnant women from developing hemorrhoids ot worsening their condition.

Pomegranade juice – this is an excellent and quick remedy for hemorrhoids in pregnant women. The juice can be drunk or used to saturate



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