Treatment Of Vaginal Dryness

If the condition is caused by a decrease in the level of estrogen, then it is treated with hormone replacement therapy based on this hormone. In this case, prescribe topical preparations (suppositories and vaginal ointments) or oral medications.

Types of vaginal hormone therapy:

  • Estrogen rings. They take the form of the vagina, thereby facilitating the penetration of the hormone into the tissues. The ring is changed once a quarter;
  • Suppositories. Enter for several weeks once a day. Later use twice a day until the symptom disappears;
  • Creams. Enter with a special applicator in the vagina once a day for several weeks. Then 1-3 times a week.

The result can be felt after several procedures. Significantly increased blood flow, thicken the walls of the vagina, increasing the amount of lubrication, pain passes during sexual intercourse.

Admission of such drugs must be monitored by the attending physician, because excessive thickening of the walls can cause the development of cancer.

For patients to whom hormone therapy is contraindicated, medicinal herbs are prescribed. Their use also positively affects the hormonal background. They increase blood flow, strengthen the reproductive system, but they should also be prescribed by a specialist.

Most often it is :

  • containing melatonin;
  • hops extract;
  • extract of the hog uterus;
  • ginkgo;
  • extract of a martial artillery;
  • niacin, etc.

As intimate cosmetics nonhormonal lubricants, lubricants with low pH will do. Creams and gels should be water-based. Oily remedies can inflame the mucous membrane and cause fungal diseases.

Means for oils are not used with latex condoms, because they make microscopic holes in them. You can only use vitamin E.

It is worth drinking more water, it will help the body to remove toxins and retain moisture. For estrogen to be produced in sufficient quantities, it is necessary to eat properly.

For example, to include flax seeds and soya in the diet are natural sources of phytoestrogens. Do not exclude from the menu fats, they contribute to the development of this hormone.

Any agent with estrogen can cause side effects. Most often there is a vaginal bleeding, and also the chest starts to hurt. It is not recommended for women with breast cancer, pregnant women and after giving birth to nursing mothers.



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