Underarms at home

For many modern women excess vegetation on the body – just a disaster. Today there are many methods of hair removal available to maintain the perfect smoothness of the skin. However, for a tender delicate areas like underarms, choose the appropriate method of hair removal is difficult.

Underarms complicated by the fact that in this area there are depressions, which limit access to the hairs using a razor or epilator. In addition, the skin is very sensitive underarm area, there are too closely spaced capillaries, and the hairs are often very strong and tough.

However, in spite of everything, the hair in the armpits must necessarily be removed. And not only from an aesthetic point of view. The underarm area is a huge number of sweat glands that work more actively with the hair available, as a result – growth of the bacteria and the odors of sweat and even the threat of skin diseases.

Let us consider the most appropriate ways underarms area.

Epilation armpits with a razor

This is the safest and most painless way to get rid of excess hair. However, silky smooth skin with a razor is difficult to achieve: because of the structure of the underarm razor leaves on the skin black spots, like the bristles.

If you use a razor, listen to the following advice:

Choose a high-quality machine (with a triple-double blade). It is desirable in the presence of the razor special protective strips for sensitive skin (eg, aloe). In no case do not use a dull razor, can damage the skin, or to bring an infection.

To avoid irritation of the skin after shaving, use a soothing lotion, such as chamomile, calendula and aloe. Also, do not be superfluous to put on your skin means slowing the growth of hair to hair regrown not grow into the skin.

Perform shave at least once a week, and in the summer, if necessary, the procedure can be repeated every 2-3 days.

Underarms depilatory creams

Hair removal using a cream – a good alternative to shaving. Today, the sale is a huge range of cosmetics for hair removal. In the armpits need to apply the cream for sensitive skin or intimate areas, in order to avoid allergies.

The advantages of depilatory creams is that the results after the procedure is stored for a longer time, the skin is smooth, with no black spots.

Underarms waxed

With hot wax can be a long time to get rid of hair in the armpits. Hot wax steamed skin pores widens slightly analgesic, as a result of the hairs are easily removed by the root. After several treatments the hair becomes weaker, slowing their growth.

Waxing is easy to carry out at home. It is necessary to buy a special composition, warm up according to the instructions, and apply to the skin. But it is best to apply to a professional salon.

Hair removal epilator underarm area

Normal electrodepilator can be an excellent tool in the fight for the smoothness of the skin in the armpits. A significant advantage of the epilator – smoothness of the skin, like a baby, for 2-3 weeks, and instant results. With regular use the epilator hair weaken, become invisible, rare, slow-growing. The first hair removal can be painful, but each time the pain weakens, the skin gets used and the procedure is no longer cause you discomfort. Many models of epilators are equipped with special attachments for sensitive areas and have a cooling effect obezbolevayuschim. After hair removal is desirable to put on your skin soothing lotion or a means to slow the growth of hair.

However, due to the individual characteristics of the structure of the hair, not all women can use the epilator in the underarm area. If you have very coarse hair or too sensitive skin, do not use the appliance to you.

Laser hair removal underarms without pain

If you want to achieve a smooth flawless skin in the armpits area, the best way to solve the problem – it is to apply to a professional salon. Modern technologies allow to cope with the extra hairs quickly, painlessly and without consequences, for example, using a laser or light flash (epilation).

The laser beam destroys the hair follicle, so after 5-6 sessions you will be able to get rid of unwanted hair for a very long time or even permanently.

The method of hair removal works on the same principle, so if you do not have an increased sensitivity to UV light, you can feel free to take another step towards its beauty.



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