What are the benefits of nuts? What does nuts do?

The female organism needs nuts very much. They help get rid of pain during menstruation and disruption of the cycle itself. Fruits are effective for the prevention of breast cancer and infertility. Antioxidants in the composition prevent aging and increase the tone of the whole organism.

Walnuts are also useful for men’s health. They provide a normal production of testosterone and sex hormones. This has a positive effect on potency. The simplest and most common is the recipe for kernels with honey. They are also useful for preventing the appearance of prostate adenoma.

Walnuts are recommended for children with 2 years to avoid allergic reactions. Substances in the nucleus contribute to the active work of the brain and the saturation of its cells with oxygen. This improves thinking and reduces the fatigue of a student or student. Older children as a means to prevent viral cold should be given 1 tbsp. crushed cores with honey.

In pregnancy
During this period, it is useful to consume oil, as it relieves toxemia. It promotes the full development of the fetus in the physical and mental aspects. The oil of walnut reduces the risk of formation in the baby of pathologies. No less useful are the kernels themselves. They saturate the body with vitamins and minerals, filling the strength and energy of both women and children. Daily rate – no more than 3 pieces.

When breastfeeding
It is possible to eat no more than 2 cores a day even to nursing mothers.

This is important to know! Walnut makes breast milk more nutritious and fat. With him, the kid gets far more vitamins for development and growth. He would rather eat it because of the sweet taste.



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