What can prevent migraines

Migraine – a frequent phenomenon and a harbinger of Parkinson’s disease, especially in women after forty years. With them hard to handle, but with problems such lives most of the population around the world. The scientists decided to follow, what are fraught with persistent or recurrent headaches for middle-aged people, including women and, since it is clear that this state – it is a signal that in the body there is a certain imbalance.

For a long time it is written off at once received injuries, hormonal changes, premenopausal syndrome, etc. But what do these pains, in fact, is a clear answer, doctors can not give. A new study suggests that, most likely, those people who experience migraine in middle age are prone to develop Parkinson’s disease later in life.

The study’s author, Ann I. Scher, refers to the most popular migraine brain disease in men and women, which could be caused by a previously transferred cerebrovascular and heart diseases. The study involved more than 5500 people, both healthy and susceptible to migraines. At the end of the period of the experiment it was found that Parkinson’s disease most commonly affects those who have for several years seen headaches. Investigations are continuing, because few understand the mechanisms of disease, you need to understand how to treat the disease.



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