what color hair makes a women look younger?

All women believe that blondes look a little younger than brunettes. It can be argued that this is true, but only partly. Bright shades of hair has always been associated with beauty and youth, but over the years, even the “blond” hair is a few shades darker. Many ladies up to 30 years often experiment with hair color and look for the best option. Sooner or later the radical changes boil down to one thing: all women want to look young, but not trendy.

Choosing a hair color is different for every woman , but stylists tend to give some general recommendations for how to select color. Shade should blend harmoniously with the color of a person to emphasize the freshness and youthful skin. The new color should be natural, that the lady could “throw down” five, maybe ten years.

  • For pale skin black hair is absolutely contraindicated. They add extra stress every year and wrinkle. When choosing between two different shades, prefer a lighter tone.
  • Red hair will always give the face a reddish hue, so if you have a rash on the skin, red hair will make you a female teenager.
  • Light colors are young only in the event that they look natural. Pergidrolnye yellowish hair will say that the woman is trying to look young, but she is not very good.
  • Gray shades perfect “mask” wrinkles, perfectly combined with the first gray hairs and soften the lines of the face.
  • Remember that a few years added all the bright colors and sweeping: mahogany, purple, bright red, as well as highlighting the contrast too. If you notice the first gray hairs, painting in bright colors will bring to “no” to all of your efforts to look a bit younger in a couple of weeks.
  • For gray hair dye choose soothing shades: medium-brown, light chestnut, walnut, ash-blond.



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