What is the best remedy for acne?

You can get rid of acne by various means and methods. Some advise folk medicine, others talk about modern medications. Everyone chooses independently the method and means for treatment based on their own preferences.

But you should always remember that too frequent rashes in the form of acne can be dangerous and leave traces on the skin. Therefore it is desirable to appear to the cosmetician who will spend inspection and will appoint or nominate individual treatment. Thus spots will gradually cease to disturb and will be gone.

As though it would not be desirable to squeeze out a pimply pimple, but it or this to do or make categorically it is impossible. Although everyone knows this, but still their hands itch. Firstly, a scar may remain, and secondly, it is thus easy to infect an infection.

Means for acne is a lot and the best remedy for acne will be different for each person. But there are major groups of drugs that help get rid of pesky acne. This cream and means for washing with antibacterial effect, different retinoids, drugs with zinc and salicylic acid. Antibiotics and hormones are used in severe cases.

These are the main components that can come in different ways. For example, a variety of alcohol chatterboxes with sulfur and zinc. Also in many ointments contain antibiotics, and salicylic alcohol can be one of the components for cosmetics.

Absolutely all means struggle with pimples. Or rather, they kill the bacteria that cause inflammation, narrow the pores and make them clean, reduce skin secretions and dry the pimples themselves. But nevertheless it is necessary to treat such preparations with care. They can make the skin dry and irritated. Therefore, you need to use a good moisturizer.

If pimples pop up in rare cases, you can buy zinc ointment or salicylic acid. You will need to apply them directly to the pimple. You can do this with a wand with cotton wool. You need to do this several times a day. In this salicylic alcohol can wipe the skin a couple of times a week, but also only problem areas. To the skin does not become dry, you need to use a good moisturizer. Avoid irritation and redness will help the usual decoction of chamomile and mask of white or gray clay.

There is no one means for everyone and it is necessary to select everything individually. Therefore, it is better to buy small tubes of modern means and after finding relief it is possible to buy a full-fledged version.



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