What is the danger of the popular means of contraception

Experts commented on the popular means of contraception, and warned about the hazards.

What did not recommend docks traditional healing for contraception. In the course are slices of lemon, aspirin, soap, Pepsi-Cola, and potassium permanganate. How effective and how safe these methods, experts will tell. The first thing they pay attention, neither a folk remedy does not give 100% guarantee that the sexual act is over an unwanted pregnancy. But lead to problems with women’s health can be most of them.

The first recipe for safe sex – to enter the proximity of the tampon

On this occasion, in the field of gynecology experts say, that the tampon will only interfere during intercourse and can cause discomfort. And after intercourse can be difficult to extract the swab from the vagina. Remember that a tampon is absolutely useless thing, which does not stop the penetration of sperm into the uterus, and, accordingly, does not protect against pregnancy.

The second recipe is safe sex – to enter into the vagina a slice of lemon

And this method experts have rejected – it is a very low efficiency. aimed at the destruction of sperm in the changed environment of the vagina. But this method is fraught violation vaginal microflora, leading to discomfort and even a specific disease.

The third recipe is safe sex – to enter into the vagina a piece of soap

Experts say that, like other chemically active substances, soap can cause a violation of the vaginal microflora. And this is – a direct path to bacterial vaginosis and other troubles.

The fourth recipe safe sex – to conduct douching Pepsi-Cola

In this case, commonly known gynecologists reminded of the dangers of Pepsi-Cola, which helps to loosen the rusted nuts. Pepsi – a chemically active substance, which can lead to diseases of the vagina.

Fifth recipe for safe sex – after sexual intercourse douching urine

Many of the all-knowing grannies recommend a recipe of her youth – immediately after intercourse douching hold their own urine. And do not mind the presence of four or five children of their own. Therefore, experts assert – the method completely inefficient. This procedure carries a high risk of infection in the vagina, and that obesity can lead to more serious complications.

Sixth recipe safe sex – after sexual intercourse to drink the juice of raw beets or infusion of bay leaves, hover legs in mustard

None of juices and infusions have no relation to contraception. beet juice is good to drink, to establish the function of the gastrointestinal tract. And lovers hover legs in mustard can disappoint – it will save from a tickle in the throat, but not from birth unplanned child.

Seventh recipe for safe sex – sex as soon as you need to jump

Physical activity after sex, most likely, a well-preserved figure and toned body support. But such an admission can not be called an assistant in contraception. “Shake” sperm hopping is simply impossible. They are already very fast – average speed spermatozoida- 3 mm per minute (on a straight line distance they travel 10 times faster).



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