Why do women love villains?

Why are decent, intelligent and beautiful women are very often like not the most decent men ? Why Otlichnitsa like villains? Why are so drawn to the virtue and vice of falsehood? This is a terrible injustice, a mistake of nature or rule, to be reckoned with in life.

Perhaps the good women are attracted to bad men …

::  Because they themselves are vicious somewhere in the depths of the soul. Constantly denying yourself something, observing rituals and playing the role of the noble, right women dream to make some out of the common action to enforce them become brighter and more varied.

:: Because bullies they see the courage and the male head, the energy of the movement and struggle, that is inherent to support practically any sperm that needs to get fixed up and stodgy “right” and the egg, breaking through her ​​thick protective shell, fertilize. That is, this desire for energetic and active man, who is often confused with active villain, and leads to all sorts of sad stories of accidents mesalliances.

:: Because a woman wants to correct the erring , to be his guiding light, ennoble and make the man. “Illusion, if a woman can draw shalopaya the path of virtue – one of the sweetest women illusions at all times” – once said Agatha Christie. It’s so tempting – to pull out of the abyss addict, an alcoholic, a thief-recidivist, or, at worst, a bully. Just hands and tongue itch to educate and instruct him on the right path.

:: Because the villains tend to mimic and, unfortunately, sociable. They literally guess your desires and do exactly what you want, say what you want to hear. Sometimes it seems that they are perfect, they have absolutely no flaws, and they never, nothing can upset you, even unwittingly. But, you see, it’s just impossible. Living people have a number of disadvantages, their absence (or rather the lack of an active creation of the illusion) cause for concern.

How to avoid becoming a victim of its own power to the bullies?

:: Be aware of the reasons for his sympathy. Perhaps realizing that you just want someone to bring up, you do not become attached to the villain, and the understanding of what you see in him is not who he really is, will cool your imagination and make the walk down to the ground.

:: If you are tempted to try to go to the call, but before you give your heart to a scoundrel, make sure it’s worthy of it. Try to analyze his behavior towards you. Do not look for excuses nefarious deeds, even if you really want to do it. It’s a matter of time and your care. Among other things, lack of will, worthlessness – the sister of meanness.

::  Do not forgive treachery and deceit on the part of your chosen even to someone else. there is a high probability that it will repeat. And it towards you. Be especially careful with chronic liars. They do not need to tell you about love, and just as easily betray you. Forgive meanness, it means to facilitate its dissemination and participate in this meanness.

Our life is so short, you probably should not waste it on someone who is inattentive and indifferent to us, but also for those who use us for their own purposes, who endlessly experiencing our patience and consideration our interests. After all, in the world there are those who we really need someone who will love and appreciate us, we should just let them into your life, parting with those bullies who deceive the young ladies of the head.



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