Why men like plump lips?

 Many may wonder why men like plump lips. Scientists have proved that it is the part of the lips of the body that attracts attention in the first place, and if you use red lipstick, any man, without realizing it, it will look to the lips. After all, when a young man meets a girl, then most of the time looking at the mouth. By the way, if you use red lipstick, the duration of the lips will look at 7.3 seconds, and pink – 6.7 sec.

Why men like plump lips even researched scientists at Manchester University. Experiments were conducted, involving 50 men. They were shown images of different women. As a result, it was shown that on the lips without lipstick young people watched 2.2 seconds, with 2, 97 seconds looking at the eyes and 2.77 seconds – on the nose.

Basically, the attention of men to stay on full lips, but even thin lips were seen when they were makeup. Conducted research and was the leader Dr Geoff Beattie. He said that as a result of this experiment it was shown that it is the lips play an important role in the whole appearance of the girl that they are attracted to men, especially those covered with bright lipstick, for example, red.

That’s crazy men?

Many times it has been proven that men like red dress and plump lips. It was so red attracts the opposite sex. Another name for this shade is translated as “beautiful” with the Old Slavonic language. Many psychologists have proved that the color red is a jewel of a woman gives her refinement, at least for men. In America, an experiment was conducted. Again, many men were shown photographs of women. And most liked more those who have attended the red. It proved that red shades beckon guys attract.

Women’s waist

In a normal healthy girl hips should be more in half from the waist. And since it’s inherent nature, it is the ratio of men like the most. No one guy does not like a girl with a waist wider than hips. If so, this indicates a problem with fertility girl.

Of course except for external factors, men need the right woman for their character. Many statistics have shown that the opposite sex is looking happy and cheerful girl. They do not need a hysterical. They do not like when she teaches them anything, especially if life gives advice. By the way, a lot of men like women that have a modicum of childhood. They love at first sight helpless girls, but, and at the right time, they could make an important decision.

So, polls have shown that the ideal woman is the one with the big eyes, small nose, full lips, beautiful smile, firm breasts, healthy skin that will not upset by trifles, not nervous, sociable, self-confident, which monitors a, caring, whose salary is less than the chosen one, not stupid, but not smarter than men. They do not like girls who emphasize their shortcomings. Still, of course, the girl should have good posture and have tight muscles. As to the character, you do not need to be aggressive, pushy. It is not strange guys do not like smoking and drinking girls.

So, wondering why men like plump lips, we must not forget the many factors yet. After all, not only data, but also internal like men. They are attracted by the open and cheerful girl. We must take into account all the details, then the guys will pay attention, even if just to pass.



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